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Discussion in 'Hi-Points For Sale' started by bigochief, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. bigochief

    bigochief Member

    I own Thousand Islands Armory in LaFargeville, NY. Thanks to Obama and the weak Republicans that keep getting re-elected, I lost my primary source of employment with the Army on 29 Oct 2014. My gun shop is in its first year and business is extremely slow. I'm selling my Hi Point pistol along with most of my other guns. I was hoping the SAFE ACT would go away so I could own both pistol and carbine. I love Hi Points!

    If anyone lives in northern NY state, please visit my shop and spend a little money so this old retired Army Warrant Officer doesn't loose the house, business and the dog.

    Please visit my web site and Facebook page. Just Google Thousand Islands Armory. You'll find it.


  2. wganz

    wganz Supporting Member

    As someone Southern born and breed, and since I'm out of Uncle Sam's green machine will probably never cross north of the Mason-Dixon line; I did join the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association just to help my brothers in arms out up there.

    Here is a link to his site:

    Just to flip the bird at the NY libtards that are trambling on the Bill of Rights up there.

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