Hi Point .45 Pistol... THIS IS YOUR FAULT PRIMAL

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  1. Was going to trade the HP for a nice set of jewelry for my mom, but Primal convinced me I had to at least shoot the darn thing before trading it away. He was quite convincing... despite being sleep deprived, i trudged to the range after work, laid down 20 bucks for a box of .45 ACP (yeah, its a rip, but w/e), and proceeded to blast some lead down range. BLAM BLAM *double feed* oh crud *quick fix* BLAM BLAM BLAM *double feed* gosh darn it! BLAM (change mags)... decided to re-adjust my grip on the gun.

    *Stiffens arm as straight as it will go in a weaver stance*

    *Grips gun as if life depended on it*

    No more FTF/FTE/DF/Stovepipes to report after that. Thing had a very crisp trigger... and now I'm thinking of using my beloved credit card to send it to HP for an update... get rid of the mag release on the bottom, and several other fixes I hope. Darn thing weighs closer to a Deagle than a GLOCK, but oh well it helps dampen the recoil. Not like I'm going to CC the thing anyway. Load 'er up with some Federal HST, and I have another gun ready for a New York reload if SHTF inside my house :).
  2. Question: Upgrade it, or keep it in all its vintage glory? As much as I like the "collectible" side of it, I do enjoy having up to date firearms... and that mag catch is annoying, to say the least.

  3. I vote for the vintage glory. You can always buy a new one with the updated mag release, but how many of the old style pistols are still out there?

  5. Well, I didn't mean as in I was hoping to get rich off it... more for sentimental value. You could offer me a new 995 and 4095 for my current, well used 4095... I'd show you the door. It has sentimental value attached to it. Same with rifles with matching serial #'s... doesn't make the rifle shoot better, but it's still nice to have and IMO worth an extra $10 or so when purchasing.
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    I don't find mag catches on the bottom that annoying, for a plinker, quick mag changes aren't all that necessary. I say keep them stock and just shoot them.
  7. Eh once I get good with it I might keep it as a HD gun. You can never have too many for NY reloads :)
  8. In most HD situations is more than 10 rds really necessary? Man I hope not, cause you are having one hell of a bad day if it is.

    Most people here say to call 911 and wait for the police, so the weapon is basically a last resort anyway.

    And yes NDS people will collect most anything, and although the Hi Point weapons do not have a history value as far as military or anything, they do have a history value as far as the company itself, if you are a Hi Point fan.
  9. If I didn't think I'd ever need more than ten rounds, I wouldn't keep my spare mags loaded. I'm 99.9% sure I'll never need that many... but better to have it ready and not need it than not have it ready and need it, ya kno? Plus its nice to have guns stashed around in case you don't have one on you.
  10. Like pjm204 said, dropping the mag from the bottom is not that big of a deal, just different.

    If you are standing there shooting it out I could see where that extra split second my count, but other than that it is just a matter of it works a little different is all.

    And that difference is where we go back around the circle to the fact that it is not like the rest of our pistols, it is a part of Hi Points history :)
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    I don't think HP will update an alloy frame to a polymer frame. However, they will update everything that they can.
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    Give them a call.