Hi Point .45 with less than 30 rounds thru it

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  1. with a Hogue Grip, a Protech Holster and a extra magazine. What should I ask for it when selling Face to Face ?

  2. I would ask for a $100,000,000 At least!!! J/K I agree with godolphins1985. !70-190 sounds pretty fair considering it hasn't hardly been used. Why are you interested in getting rid of it if you don't mind me asking?
  3. I'm not a big fan of the HP pistols, but I'm keeping my 995 !

    I have the 45 and a C9, both are being sold mainly due to what I've read here as far as them jamming pretty bad. When and if I need it to fire, I want the gun to work since these are mostly for home defense. After I bought these in January I picked up a Smith & Wesson .40 and it has fired flawlessly, with the Hp's I've had 1 jam in the .45 and 3 thru the C9 in 50 rounds. I have a friend who also has a C9 and it has jammed 5 or 6 times out of the first 100 rounds thru it.
    HP's are good tinkering guns and the best thing about the are the warranties, but if you read here you'll see that the warranty has to be used a lot. Hp could do a little better job of building a quality product and still be lower priced than the other gun companies.

    If my family's life depends on it, I want it to work the first time because we might not get a second chance !
  4. That may be true but how many other brands go to a local gunsmith for the same work that Hi-Point is doing?

    This last time out I shot 200 rounds of Wolf with no FTF. I shot 100 rounds of WWB and had 1 FTF. My son shot 100+ of WWB with no FTF but had a couple with the Wolf. We both have a C9. Would I bet my life on it? Yes, I will; the C9 and a CF380. The CF380 has shot the last 300 rounds without any problems.
  5. That may be true but how many other brands go to a local gunsmith for the same work that Hi-Point is doing? I can only speak from personal experience none of my guns have been to a gunsmith, my buddies C9 is in route to Beemiller now. The inside of his looked very rough after only 100 rounds through it.
    This last time out I shot 200 rounds of Wolf with no FTF. I shot 100 rounds of WWB and had 1 FTF. My son shot 100+ of WWB with no FTF but had a couple with the Wolf. We both have a C9. Would I bet my life on it? Yes, I will; the C9 and a CF380. The CF380 has shot the last 300 rounds without any problems. I have never had a FTF or FTE with the S & W while (as I said above)I've had a few through the HP's, I choose to use the more reliable gun for my protection.

    Plus I like the feel of the lighter guns and they are easier for my wife to cock. Yes I will have $650 or $700 in 2 guns instead of $300, but I feel like after owning both brands it is a wise investment.
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    1500 flawless rounds through my .45.

    1000 through the CF380.

    I only paid $150 for m,y .45 new, I'll give you $125 as is, after all, it sounds like a jam-o-matic to me. I'll be doing you a favor, right?
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    I see you are fairly new to pistols. Please don't give up on a HP after only 30 rounds with 1 ftf,(probably due to limpwristing). I personally do not beleive there is a better value. Better firearms? Yes! Better value? No!
    Please---- Give 'em a chance. Feed them some more ammo.
  8. My buddy has had 5 or 6 FTF in the first 100 and my C9 has had 3 or 4 in the first 60 or so. I'm not giving up after 1 FTF, but 10 or 12 in 190 rounds fired thru our 3 guns is around 6% failure rate. Then you read here that others are having the same issue's or worse.
    HP's are poor quality fire-arms for a cheap price, the warranty is what makes them a great value. I bought them thinking they would be fine,
    But I was not impressed once I shot them and then to read about all the problems here, I've decided to upgrade.

    It comes down to the fact that I want a reliable firearm if I need to use it to protect my family and in that second I or my wife have to pull the trigger, the warranty isn't worth a damn if it doesn't fire.
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    I'm not going to get into a pissing match with a person uneducated on firearms. I'm sorry yours didn't work for you. I would say you limpwrist. But thats my opinion. As for people on this site having all the problems you speak of? I'm not seeing it. And when there is a problem, usually someone on here is ready to help try to solve the problem, which is usually an easy fix.
    As for poor quality? I promise you, anything you can do with the s&w, I can do with my HP. It may not look as good, but mechanically, it will work as good. Don't get me wrong. I'm not dissing s&w. They make fine firearms. Just saying that the blowback design of HP may not be for you. No need to dog it on a HP forum, with such little experience with it.

    Also, be safe and practice, practice, practice. And pray that you never need to use your firearm in a self defense situation.
  10. I didn't dog it, I only said what I did after someone asked why I was selling the guns. Hp forum or not, I tell the truth whether you like it or not.
    I'm new to owning, but not all that new to handguns. My father-n-law and brother-n-law are both Highway patrolmen and my bestfriend is a local police officer, I've shot many guns during my 40 years.
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    Oh, but you did "dog it"... "poor quality firearms"

    There are many people on this forum that have had very good luck with their HPs. There are also people who haven't had such good luck, but not many. I think with a little practice and maybe some mag lip attention, your HPs would be problem free. Just my .002

    If you want to sell that .45 shoot me a PM with a price, I'll take it off your hands.
  12. Times and people like this makes me wish I had some spare cash around.
  13. Man I think everyone just needs to take a deep breath. Hi-Point pistols aren't the best gun for every person. hitmanharleyk just gave you an honest answer when he was asked why he wanted to sell the gun.
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    I didn't mean to sound so angry with my post, I just think that making too many negative comments when help/suggestions are given is in poor taste. I am serious with my offer to buy it, its hard to find a .45 HP around these parts right now.
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    I diagree, HitmanHarleyK did in fact not give an honest answer when asked why he wanted to sell his gun, he did dog the HP, and he did admit he was new to owning guns.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, but given the situation, his answer could not be honest with only 30 rds through a pistol. He has not given the pistol a chance, and say the only good reason to own one is the warranty.

    I disagree with that also. The warranty is definitely one of the high points of the Hi-Point (pun intended), but far from the only reason to own one. I have somewhere around 3000 through my .45. After the break in period of about 300-400 rds it shot flawlessly. It was magazine issues I'm sure. The spring and plasic follower needed to be set and broken in to feed preoperly.

    I then fired a squib, which I then fired, unknowingly, another round into. It blew the frame in half, the warranty covered it, even though it was an ammo failure. I thank god every day my HP is built like the tank it is, a lesser gun would have taken digits.

    I got the gun back, two magazines this time, and had to re-work the mags again. One only took about 250 rds, the other about 400, but both now work perfectly. That is, at least 1500 rds with NO FTF ot FTE.

    This is not uncommon in the gun world. Do a search and look at similar issues with 1911 magazines. Many guns, including high end guns, have a brak in period, and many people use them. Glock's are often refered to as needing a "fluff and buff", does this make them unuasable for self defense? I think not.

    He also states that the .380 is fine, but the rest are not. What does he base this on? Again, just opinions, it might be his honest opinion, but not an honest answer. My 380 has been flawless too, right out of the box, but that doesn't make it a better gun than the .45, only means I had better luck with it.

    I am not say that HP pistols are for everyone, obviously they are not. There are also many manufacturerer's who make nicer, more refined, more expensive guns. I do, and will own other makes also, but I will and do trust my life, and my families life on my HP .45.

    I was not going to respond to this thread again because I already know that you have your mind set. I have read many of your posts since you became a member and this doesn't surprise me. I wonder when you might do the same thing with your MN's because they are not a Springfield, or a Marlin.

    A used .45 that you don't feel comfortable with is worth nothing to me. If didn't feel comfortable with a gun, in that it wouldn't do it's job, I would not sell it to another individual for any price. I migt however trade it in on something I liked better.

    HitmanharleyK, good luck with that S&W, they are good guns also. I'm truly sorry you didn't get to experience the HP as I did. I just gave it a chance when others said dump it. I was ready to sel mine at 100 rds, and again at 200, and 300. I'm now glad I didn't. It shoots faster and straighter than many other .45's I've shot, including SA and Charter Arms. And shoots as well as most any 1911 I've ever shot. It's a laser out to 30 yds, and I'm sure further that that. If I had given up after 30 rds to the peer pressure I wouldn't own the great guns I do today.
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    WELL SAID....;)
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    I am guessing the leo's in your life have a big influence on your HP mindset. Due to the fact that "most" leo's are not too fond of HP.
  18. It doesn't matter how many rounds he has put thru the gun. If he is not comfortable with the reliability of the gun then hes not comfortable with it. He stated he needs something thats reliable pretty much out of the box, and something thats lighter for his wife to shoot. If the Hi-Point doesn't meet those requirements why give him crap about it. There are many people that wouldn't accept having to break a gun in for it to be reliable. My C9 was the only gun I have ever purchased that didn't run with 100% reliability out of the box, and I have owned Kel-Tec , Hi-Point, Glock, Rossi, Kimber etc... Yes I know he said they were "low quality" firearms which is his opinion, and I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. I know everyone gets tired of getting bashed for owning Hi-Points but that doesn't mean we need to start attacking each other.
  19. i got my hi point outta curiousity and reading your posts and made a wise decision and have never looked back . i love my .45 and have a blast shooting it, i also own a ruger redhawk and a beretta and i still feel just as much quality with my .45