To say the very least, I operate on a very limited firearms budget. That however, has nothing to do with my choice of a Hi Point. I wanted a pistol caliber carbine and knew of Hi Point's reliability and I actually like the look of the carbines, (weird I know). I bought this 4595 used for $199 and bought it on layaway. $20 here and $30 there, soon I had it.

It is a base model and through a few installments, I will get it modified the way I want it to be.

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Step 1 is optics.

I like the stock sights but for target shooting, mostly at 50 yards, I cannot see the center of the bull's eye. Therefore, I looked at all types of scopes and optics. Red eyes, holographic and reflex sights. None gave me the magnification I need to clearly see the target. I looked for quite a while on line and at local gun shops. I finally found a TruForce 3-9x40 illuminated in red and green.

Cost including mounts was $70. Therefore, I am at $270 and have a scope that will work on any other rifle I want to put it on.

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A couple of points I found out about.

First, be careful of the length of the scope you choose. Because of the rail attachment at the front, the range of mounting the scope is limited. The scope I bought is 13" overall. It required the use of 1" rise mounting rings. Moved as far forward as possible, the eyepiece of the scope is right at the edge of the cheek pad. There is still plenty of room between your eye and the scope.

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The eye relief is spot on. I will let you all know how it shoots after the first range trip.

Total cost so far $269.