The largest caliber offering in Hi-Point's pistol caliber carbine collection, the 4595 (Target Stock), picked up the honor of American Rifleman's Gun of the Week.

Following in the path blazed by the classic Hi Point 995 series pistol caliber carbine back in 1996, the 4595, as its name would imply is a semi-auto carbine sized rifle chambered in .45ACP. As forum members know, the 4595 has gone from its classic "Planet of the Apes" original styling some two decades ago to a more fresh and fit version typified by the current TS series carbines.


These rifles, slathered in Picatinny rails, still come with Mom's traditional no-questions warranty and sight arrangement, while improving the fit, finish, and ergonomics of the rifle without adding to the bottom line. For generations, they have proved the perfect little carbine for home defense, target practice, medium-game hunting, and all-around general-purpose use.

Which probably led to why it was chosen as the Gun of the Week as detailed by Kelly Young, Associate Editor of American Rifleman magazine.

Without further, how about that video: