Hi-Point 995 range trip

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by bullwinkle, Nov 1, 2014.

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    I have owned older models of Hi Point carbines in the past ..I have always been pleased ..a few months back ..I purchased a newer style 995 ...I have done some pinking with the carbine ..but day before yesterday ..I done a little bit more serious range time...set up a few targets from as close as 10 yds out to 50 yds. I was using Blazer Brass 115 gr standard pressure ammo...
    i found the carbine balanced excellent while shouldered...the sights where "right on" no FTF ...out of 50 rds...(ran out of day light)

    As usual while at the range i had my nay sayers ( AR guys) but most was impressed with the 995's performance...
    The carbine was very accurate...and I mentioned functioned flawlessly ..
    i really like the performance jump of the 9mm in a carbine...
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    I have all 5 of the 995's, they are great guns!

  3. When I got my 4595 back from a full Mom refurb, I took it to the local range. An NRA instructor was there setting up for his class.
    "Whatcha got there" he called out to me and when I told him it was a Hi-Point he sort of sniffed and when about his business. Then I started firing it at the small steel plates down range and you could hear them ringing out with every shot. "Bang...ring! bang..ring! bang...ring!
    "Whatcha got for sights there?" calls out the instructor.
    "Factory iron sights" I replied.
    "Say WHAT???" he says, and then, "Mind if I come over to look at your rifle?"
    After he fired it he asked what I paid for it, and again he was amazed. Next time I saw him at the range he had acquired a 995TS and a 4595.

    And this, my children, is one of the ways Hi-Point converts are born.