Hi Point 9mm Pistol Question

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by Rhetorician, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Rhetorician

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    Hello all;

    Considering a Hi Point 9mm pistol. I shot a friend's and was very impressed. I was wondering what the trigger pull is advertised to be with the 9mm?

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Feedback appreciated.

    Thanks ahead of time.

    rd ;)
  2. lklawson

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    It's very hit or miss. Some are nice and smooth some are heavy and gritty. They all are possible to be rather poor until the break in.

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  3. dynapoint

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    Don't think there is an "advertised" number.

    Dunno, I don't have a gauge. Sorta heavy with mine, but mine's not really broken in yet. Still not as heavy as my Kel-Tec, which is broken in. (In the Kel-Tec's defense, it's DA though.) If it doesn't lighten up/get smooth, there's instructions here somewhere on where to polish the parts. Sometimes with HPs that final "fit and finish" is up to the owner, in exchange for getting the gun for half the price (or less) of another. But a lot of times a few hundred rounds smooths everything out nicely.
  4. Hipointer

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    I have two C9's, and lucky me, but both of mine are as light as any of my Glocks, and way better than one of my S&W pistols. I would say mine are around 5 pounds, but have not gaged them.
  5. RustyJ25

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    Heard they gauge new in the 9 to 12 lbs range depending on the gun. Most feel like 6 to 9 lbs after break in. But as stated it is not advertised and each gun can feel different. I know there are some things you can do to help the trigger pull...greasing and such. Saw a feed on here somewhere on exactly how to so it. Probably something on YouTube also.