Hi Point Availability

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  1. I am seeing and hearing of a lot more Hi Points on the shelves and available. Went to the Fort Lauderdale gun show couple weeks back. Many Hi Points on the tables and prices were down slightly. Has production caught up or has the market caught up and purchased all the Hi Points they want leaving product on the tables?
  2. One thing I was surprised at is those stupid cuss word cuss word 15 rounder Pro Mags with $35.00 price tags on them.

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    i think people are coming out of the closet.... maybe they shot someones at the range
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    LMAO, coming out of the gun closet! +1 1motion
    I know i want a c9, and tell everyone i do.
  5. From what I have seen the plant that makes the 995, C9 and CF380 do so in batches. For a couple months 995's will be everywhere but the C9's and CF380's will be hard to find. Next couple months you see the pistols but few carbines. This is the cycle I have noticed in the nearly two years of owning a HiPoint firearm.

    ProMag for $35!!!! ^*([email protected]!&()_&^* THAT!!!
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    I live in Delaware. If you want a Hi Point here you are paying for shipping and transfer. Can't wait until we have that gunshow in the spring. Maybe some luck there.

    WIth shipping and the outrageous transfer fee (35.00) at my my local store, a Hi point can cost over 200. Still worth it to me.