Hi-point bashing

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  1. Ari

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    I don't read the stuff anymore! As they are all wacko... How many times to you have to here (when they run out of rocks to through) sure they shoot but I would not stake my life on one! I just don't have time for them anymore....
  2. elguapo

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    Waste of breath, homie...
  3. Let the willfully ignorant remain igonrant, dude. That just means more for the rest of us. :)
  4. Posted my .02 for what little good it will do

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I just let em have at it I have no more patients with morons
  6. billybybose

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    Besides if the pendejos got converted they might end up over here. :lol:
  7. billybybose

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    Heeheehee.I said a naughty in spanish and the filter didnt get me. :D
  8. 1inthechamber

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  9. Hey if it means that the used HP's are cheap.... so be it!
  10. I am not even going to bother going back to see what they said, I told them my point of view and thats that to me :D
  11. Maverick

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    Someone named TimeForTruth called one of them out on their "expert" firearms and Hi-Point knowledge.

    Its better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if your a fool, then open it and remove all doubt!
  12. People like that will always have a comeback. I wont let them upset me, I just tell them to have a great day and move on. It kinda takes the wind out of their sails when they cannot get into an argument.
  13. Maverick

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    The "Its better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if your a fool, then open it and remove all doubt!" comment was in reference to the "know-it-all" gun snobs. Most should keep their ignorant comments to themselves...
  14. I knew you were not talking about me Maverick :D
  15. SamW

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    You will always have people who think the higher they pay it just has to be better.
  16. Yeah I know, I drive a Dodge Dakota and I always laugh at the guys in the Ford Rangers J/K
  17. I agree with many of the points made here:

    1) It's not worth the stress. Heck, it's often not worth the stress to read the Free Fire Zone here, much less the uninformed wackocities on other forums.

    2) You can't convert 'em; they'll always have an ignoramiciously uninformed comeback.

    3) But, nevertheless, their moronocities are entertaining, in moderation. So: keep the links coming, but don't expect a lot of effort from us in invading other fora and counteracting stuporfluities; we're only there for the popcorn.

    p.s. Just trying to maximize my linguistic bogocity quotient.
  18. Oh noes!

    I feel superiority beginning to creep into my posts! I have the urge to bash a cost effective and fine little rifle/pistol.

    Someone better sell me one quick, before it gets too strong.....