Hi point C-9 ammunition

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  1. Hi

    I purchased a hi point c-9 9mm and was wondering what the best ammo to use for just target shooting?
  2. hondaman9468

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    i have shot, reloads (store bought and my own), remingtons and JHP and never a problem....

  3. For practice you can get a Winchester box of 100 at Walmart for $18+. It is due to go up in price in March, but Walmart is still the cheapest. It is known as Winchester White Box (WWB).

    Wolf ammo is a great way to go as well. It is cheaper because you also can buy it in bulk. You can order it online or your local gun shop should have it.

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  4. i think most will agree with me, and at least it is true to my c9: c9 is not picky at all. feed the cheapest ammo you can find as long as luger it should be alright.
  5. BSK

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    What about the wolf military classic?

    debating on getting 1K rounds
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    Cheap Ammo

    Monarch - Blue Box... with the laquered casing, seems to feed better in my C9 than the brass Winchester.

    $6.50 for 50round box at Academy Sports... perfect price for plinkin.
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    No stores in my state.. also they dont show anything online
  8. Mine likes Remington but I get WWB mostly because of the 100 round box, it's like half of the 2nd 50 rounds you know.

  9. order just a couple of boxes first
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    anyone else tried the wolf MC 9mm? I know the x39 stuff had some bad lots, but I've never had any problems with it, but haven't tried the 9mm
  11. Welcome army leonetti, these guys will get you on the right track shortly. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Yes how could I forget, welcome aboard.
  13. Re: Cheap Ammo

    damn, when will they be opening in so cal? i'll dump walmart any day for their price. at least when will they have online shopping?
  14. BSK

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    anyone ever used ammoman.com?
    its 169$ for 1k rounds shipped
  15. man, they have great price. have any one use them before? are they a reliable source? i kind of feel weird about sent email my driver license to some one i don't know.
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    You can buy ammo at Cabelas, and they'll ship it free to any of their stores in the country (you pick it up at the store closest to you). No Shipping charge... just gas to go get it.

    every once in awhile, they have some pretty good deals on bulk 9mm (Wolf , UMC, etc.).
    DO NOT buy their reloaded bulk ammo... it is crap.

    Cabelas has 1000rnds of Wolfe for $185 you even get two dry boxes!
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    i think when i get paid, and if I get it cleared through household 6 I am going to try to pick some of that russian stuff that's posted on ammoman.com
  18. I use Barnaul 9mm in my 995 and C9, its russian made steel cased. I have never had any problems with shooting it in either weapon.
  19. .... and of course they won't step a foot in cali...