Hi Point C-9 Problems

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  1. I had a Hi Point C9 that i bought in 2005. It would jam on about every third or fourth shot. And when using fed hollows the magazine would not even seat properly. I called hi point and was met by a friendly guy and i believe he said he was the owner. I told him what was happening and he promptly sent me a new magazine and the silverish metal part and spring that goes under the mag release button. So on the part of customer service i am Truly satisfied. But the weird part is when i installed that metal part none of the loaded mags whether winchester ball or hollows would seat properly. Can the build tolerances be so loose that a spare part would not work properly? Maybe this is to be expected at this price point. The strange thing is when i used blazer brass during another session it shot 100 %. At first i thought it was maybe the ammo but now that i am thinking back it could have been that the pin that strips down the hi point when removed was centered in the middle of the c9 instead of the pin being flush on either side. If this was the case then it did shoot 100% no jams. Unfortunately i cant confirm this theory becuz i sold the c9. I posted a similar one to this one but was so busy that i couldnt read the reply and this was a while back and i cant seem to find it. Also i was thinking about maybe getting another c9 if i can find it at a show for a real good price. i have seen very positive reviews latelyand may give it another shot. Maybe hi point has improved their c9 since 2005. I do not want this post to sound negative im just giving the facts. And again i give their customer service excellent reviews and want to maybe give HP another try. I would like to hear any comments that you guys have.
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    How were you loading your mags?

    Like this..........................................................................Or like this?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This seems to be the most common FTF problem with HPs.

  3. Todd: Which is the correct way to load it, and what difference will it make?

    When I get home I will have to check which way I have it loaded, but I guess I don't quite understand how it could sit do differently in the exact same magazine...

    This looks like good info for everybody to learn from, including me of couse.
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    I can't see the pics cause I'm at work so if I remember correctly, the second pic is the right way to load. The last round in the magazine needs to be angled up so that it can load into the chamber... as opposed to jamming into the bottom of the hole caused by loading without the round angled.
  5. Yes the second pic is the correct one. The first mag will have a chance of the round going in low and jamming instead of feeding properly

    On the other hand, if the round feeds in too high, it will jam also. Some people have to slightly bend the lips of their mags to get them at the correct angle to feed consistently.

    I always slap th e mags against the palm of my hand after loading to help "seat" the rounds in the mag.
  6. Great info. Thanks for sharing!