Hi-Point C9 9mm Handgun Review: Budget Defensive Gun Or Junk?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by Edknn, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Edknn

    Edknn Supporting Member

    Mrgunsngear reviewed this pistol today. He had about 40 FTF in 500 rounds.
  2. eldarbeast

    eldarbeast Supporting Member

    Great boat anchor...
    ... That shoots well after tweaking the magazines...

    More than 6,000 rounds fired through my C9 effortlessly after the first 250 breakin period and tweaks.
    Ball, JHP's, FP.
    Recently bought it back from the cousin I sold it to for less than I sold it to him originally.
    Boresnaked, light grease on rails, and she was ready to go.

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  3. Pistolkitty

    Pistolkitty Supporting Member

    I have put less than 500 rounds through mine so far, but zero problems and zero tweaking required. Thing shoots like a dream!
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  4. truck

    truck Supporting Member

    Overall good gun except for the trigger, it has a crude feel to it.
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  5. adam01364

    adam01364 Lifetime Supporter

    If you find the C9 shoots like a dream, you should track down and try shooting a old Stallard. The mass of the slide really absorbs recoil. I'm kinda surprised Hi-Point stopped making the JF9 (the post-Stallard full size 9mm model)
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