Hi Point C9 and 4095ts magazines

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  1. BJR

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    Does anyone keep their magazines loaded to break em in? Either on the C9 or the 4095ts. I'm getting a lot of mixed messages about nose dive issues when I load a clip almost all the way up. Can the spring eventually break in on it's own and prevent it or will you have to tweak it as you tube claims?
  2. Rachgier

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    I keep my mags loaded at all times with no ill effect in 3 years, but let's get to your questions.

    Have you shot either one yet?

    Loading up the mags can help, but the break-in is actually working the spring (load/unload). Which you can do by hand, or at the range. Don't tweak anything on the mags until you have shot them a few times to identify the issues. If you have multiple mags for each weapon, take care to mark them so you can identify the problem mags, and the issues experienced with each.

    When you load your mags, smack the spine of the mag against the palm of your hand, on the bench at the range, kitchen table, your leg, any firm surface, to properly seat the rounds. Take care not to use your head unless you've got your grape guard on.

    The spring is a "moving" part, so yes it can eventually wear out and break over time.

  3. BJR

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    Yeah, I've shot both. I may have 150 through my 4095ts and 300+ through my C9. And it does it occasionally with my C9, but the Carbine seems really tight still.
  4. Rachgier

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    I've got several thousand through my 4095ts. The trigger smoothed out beautifully on it's own, I did have to work my mags over quite a bit though. springs got clipped, spacer strip got shaved, followers got smoothed out, I wouldn't recommend anyone doing to their mags what I did to mine unless it is a last resort.

    Work the follower up and down in the mag with a pencil or dowel. I actually sat there, while watching TV, and loaded them up then stripped the rounds by hand for a couple of days to finally get my springs "softer."
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    Mine didn't need anything done to them. I have 18 of the 45 mags. But they seem to have the less issues.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    After placing the round in the mag push the back side of it down with your opposite thumb. It corrects the nose dive. And always whack the mag in your hand.