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  1. When you practice CCW drills with your C9 (you do practice, don't you?), do you notice anything different from drilling with your other handguns? For example: I have to be careful with the placement of my non-firing hand to keep from partially ejecting the magazine or obstructing the slide. Anyone else find any Hi-Point specific issues when handling their firearm?
  2. LOL. None of you practice or drill?

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    most find it too heavy for ccw probably.
  4. Yeah I dont use it for CCW. But I do notice that I have to keep my hands out of the way of the slide.

    The C9 is really just a plinking pistol for me. I keep it in the truck as a just in case some of the time....

    Im going to start drilling with it and run a event with it in the future.
  5. The weight doesn't really bother me. I have mine in my Fobus holster, and find it quite comfortable. I carry with the safety on, and drill the thumb switch turning it off.
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    Sorry I don't carry my C9.... But do drill with both hands with my XD9 and my P-11.
  7. Do you question the reliability?
  8. Serben I carry my C9 and love it 8) but being this is the only pistol I own I really have no choice :mrgreen: but even if I had another pistol I would still carry the C9 in its nice comfortable Fobus holster and soon a shoulder holster
  9. I'm surprised that more people don't carry theirs. It's a great shooting gun, and real comfortable.
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  11. ^^^^ That is one of the main reasons for me as well.

    8 or 10 shots...... Or 17 with my M&P....... and just got a .357mag snubbie today for those hot summer days.
  12. Yeah, I carry an extra magazine, but I don't plan on taking on the army or the 8th St. Crips. I must be weird: I actually like the way my C9 shoots, looks, and carries.
  13. I carry my c-9. My hands are small enough that they don't really get in the way of anything. Actually, if I have to draw and fire it, I drill more doing that with one hand, cuz I might not always have the other hand free, and I as carry with one in the tube, the only drill issues that I have come across with the c9 is making sure my thumb hits the safety and released it quickly.

    But I am comfortable that i could defend myself with it in a situation.

    BTW, the weight/size don't bother me either, because I tend to wear baggy shirts, pleasted pants, sport coats, etc.

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    Srben Don't get down I carry mine open at work and as soon as I get my CCW [gotta send in the paperwork] I wll carry mine concealed as well :wink:
  15. :shock: :shock: :shock: Whoa Whoa Whoa you carry yours open at work what do you do because I want your job and no one bashes your gun?
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  18. I can't carry mine at work at all (nor on the property) but I have it pretty much everwhere else. Everyone I consider knowledgeable about guns has said good things about my hipoints. They say things such as "well-balanced" "feels good in your hand", "not a lot of recoil", "shoots straight". That last round of hipoint compliments came from my dad who knows firearms and is a tough critic.
  19. I carry my c9 everyday all day in a shoulder harness I like the gun only thing I dont really like is the weight but its not a big issue with me.
  20. I really like where this thread is going and would like to see it expanded about peoples experiences with the C9 as their carry weapon. With tips and tricks to concealing it what holsters work and which don't best places to carry it. mag pouches, do you carry backup mags and if so 8 or 10rds why and what mag holder do you carry. Do you carry with one in the hole. This would be good for another forum on here 8)