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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a rear sight for my father's Hi Point C9 9mm? I do not want to send it to them because it's my father's truck gun right now, anyone know? He is the rason I bought mine, I shot his and thought they were a decent gun for the price, least I can do is help him out.
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    what happen did it break off or get lost or something?

    you could probably have them send you one for free although you could offer to pay for it i would'nt imagine it cost much but they wont actually sell you parts from what i understand.

  3. Well my father has the habbit of buying guns from individuals and the guy he bought it from aint exactly a angel. The sight is broke in half, the screw is holding the front half of the sight in and the part you need to have as the actual sight is broke off and gone.
  4. Joe Sixpack

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    just call them and explain the sight broke and you need a replacement.. they will probably just mail you one out for free i would imagine.
  5. Ill do that, thanks.
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    They wont sell replacment parts???????? I was hoping to buy and extra firing pin, spring, etc.... Just for backups.. That really sucks... Now I am second guessing buying my c9 if I cant get parts for it.. If something did go wrong, I wouldnt wanna pay all the money to ship it just for a .50 cent part.....

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    I have over 3000 rounds on my firing pin. In 25 years of shooting I have only broken one firing pin on anything. (and that was an old brittle firing pin)

    Yes it is true they do not sell parts. But many gun makers are like that. Try buying an extra firing pin for an Springfield XD. (Springfield is the same way) But Hi-Point does take care of you when you send something like that in. They go through the whole gun. Most of the time they will do up dates to the weapons while it is there.
  8. USarmy11b,

    Beemiller does not sell parts, but if you have a problem and can swap the part yourself they will be more than happy to send them to you. A few items on the gun are IN HOUSE ONLY items, so if something like that needs replaced it would require you to ship the gun in.

    I recently contacted S&W about buying a few small items for my 9VE Sigma, well the items I wanted to buy were small springs but its in an area of the gun that is considered Manufacturer Service Only and requires the whole gun be shipped to them in the event one of those springs need be replaced. So... do not second guess your C9 decision not one bit.
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    Hmm I just looked at my C9 instruction manual... It shows a page with the parts list, and undernieth, it says "prices available upon request" I guess I ither have an old manual or a new one since they dont sell parts... I bought mine march/april of last year....

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    I brok the rear sight on my c9. I called them and explained the problem, they took my mailing info and 3 days later I got in the USPS i received the new sight and spring and both screws, shipped free! They can bad mouth Hi-Point all they want but they took care of me no questions asked. I also have a 9mm TS995 and both fire arms have given me know problems at all. (untill I drped the c9 and it landed right on the rear sight. My bad) ;o) Don
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    I don't even tell them there is a problem. I call and say I need a new firing pin for my 995 and c-9. The nice lay says ok and ask for the shipping info. You don't have to send them in for the little things.
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    I'm sure she appreciates that.