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    First off, I want to recommend a Hogue Handall grip/sleeve for all C9 owners. Just put mine on today and love it. It helps tremendously! And 2nd I've put at least 300 rounds through my C9 is all and here recently it seems to have suffered with accuracy. First few 100 was shooting pretty good groups. Now it seems to have a few hits with at least 2 flyers and is shooting high at 12 yards. I'm shooting 115 grain FMJ "Perfecta" as well, but don't think it's an ammo issue. I've never sighted it in out of the box either. Are they fairly easy to sight in? Thanks to all that reply.....
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    Its possible the sights shifted, its also very possible that your getting more comfortable with it and not taking the time to actually pay as much attention when aiming and just firing. It happens, you put yourself into a mode where you think you know what your doing rather than ensuring your doing it right.
    Try slowing down and watching what you're doing. Aim, breathe and slow down. Then adjust your sights as/if needed.