I wanted to change the stock charging handle on my 995TS and 4595TS carbines, so I looked around on eBay and found 3 different vendors, each with different variations available. The prices ranged from $14 to $33.95 (not including shipping). Some were a bit larger, but used the original bolt which is recessed in the knob. Some could be had as brass or aluminum, with Allen head bolts that came with, and were also recessed. The other looked to be the same size as original, but in black anodized aluminum and used the original bolt and stuck out like the original bolt.

The vendor I choose to deal with (dave196912) had it in aluminum for $14, and a $22 version made of Delrin, which is black. Being a frugal Hi-Point owner, I went for the $14 ones and ordered 2 this past Tuesday. I got them in the mail today and installed them and took some pictures as I progressed.

I removed the old charging handle with my handy Hi-Point tool.

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Since the bolt will be recessed in the handle, I needed to get a small 5/16" socket to be able to tighten the bolt inside the recess since the handy Hi-Point tool will not work in the recessed area. My 1/4"socket drive set saved the day.

Trigger Air gun Bumper Gun barrel Gadget

The handle feels great and I think it looks nice, sort of sticks out like a sore thumb, but hey, our Hi-Point carbines are not known as beauty queens. It is all about function for me. The black Delrin model may blend in better, but remember, I am a frugal Hi-Point owner! . Here is a side by side shot of my 4595TS with the new handle and my 995TS with the stock handle.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Shotgun

Here is a final shot with both my carbines sporting the new aluminum charging handles:

Air gun Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel Gun accessory

(Those with a good eye may note that I have the California versions of the 995TS & 4595TS. See the bullet button apparatus?)

I wanted to share this experience with you and let you know there were a few options for the charging handles out there on eBay. As always, shop around and know what you are getting. I had a great experience dealing with dave196912, in that he shipped out right away and communicated very well. His parts were installed with no real effort other than digging up my old " drive socket set and locating the 5/16" socket that went with.

Now it is time to go out and shoot! Be safe out there!