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Are the Hi-Point carbines legal in California? I have yet to see one except on HP's website. I'd like to get one, but I don't want to go through the trouble for nothing. Any ideas?

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A list of dealers in CA. Good luck!

P.S. Most firearms that are banned get banned by having 3 or more features that are considered "assault weapon features". Hi-Point carbines only have two of the usual listed features: Detachable magazine and pistol grip.
Wrong. If it has a detachable mag and at least ONE of three features, flash hider, pistol grip/thumbhole stock or folding/telescoping stock.

Sadly the HP carbine out of the box is a no go in CA. There are a couple mods you can do to them out of state then have them brought in CA. The trick is having a out of state dealer do the mods for you, and having a in state dealer who will accept it. You have to either add a mag locking device called a bullet button OR modify the factory or after market stock.

If you modify the stocks this is what they would have to look like. No holes in stock and thumb not able to stradle grip.


Now if HiPoint ever redesigns the carbines to take double column mags (Glock mags!) and were to move the trigger group back a little it would look like this and be California legal AND a big seller!

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