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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Mikial, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Mikial

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    I took my new carbine to the range and almost immediately had some problems. It wouldn't cycle and the bolt would lock back and I had to really hit it hard to get it to go forward.

    I called the factory and explained my problem, what I was seeing, and what I thought might be the issue. Within minutes, the tech accurately diagnosed the problem.

    Within a couple of days, I had the new parts and a new manual just to be sure I had the instructions I needed. No drama, no "send us the gun", no BS.

    I've owned a lot of guns, and I have had problems with guns that cost 4 times more than a Hi Point, and inevitably it involves a long process of sending the gun to them, and oftentimes them telling me they can't find the problem.

    Yeah, Hi Point is inexpensive . . cheap if you're not a fan, but they work! They go bang when you pull the trigger, and people at the range are surprised when my HP .45 is as accurate or more accurate then my XP costing 3X as much.
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    So much better than shipping and time lost... ;)

  3. Good to hear! Do you think you would have ran into the issue if you function tested it with sna pcaps?
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Just go shoot it!!!!:mad:

    Mikial, could you tell us what the problem was, and how it got fixed?
    Could help someone else out.
  5. talon

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    Unless you plan on using snapcaps at the range or against an assailant, they prove or disprove nothing. NOTHING except actually shooting live rounds will prove anything.
  6. Pablo

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    What model are we talking about?
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    Snap caps are for practice. Dummy rds that are the same weight and size are for full function tests. They cost more but are worth it. If you reload you can make your own but you need to mark them so you don't get them confused with live ammo.

  8. Well yeah, thats how i make mine. Cheaper that way too. :)
    Good to ensure feeding/chambering
  9. menhir

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    I second this. What was the cure?
  10. Rushtk

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    What was the repair? Mine is not advancing easily or not at all when a mag is inserted. Brand new, never fired.
  11. Don't hold your breath for a reply. That post is over five years old and the original poster has a grand total of ten posts in said five years.
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