MKS, the muscle behind Hi Point, has had so much success with their Ohio-made polymer framed striker fired handguns in the past twenty years that they are reaching back into the old historical archives to bring out a classic rifle of the U.S. military. Yup, MKS is going to be selling M1911A1 style .45ACP longslides.

The good old 1911

John Moses Browning, perhaps the most talented U.S. firearms designer to have ever picked up a pencil, begat a series of single-action longslide pistols in the early 1900s while working with Colt Firearms. These included the .38-Auto Colt 1900, one of the first smokeless semi-auto pistols made on this continent, the Colt 1905 (in .45ACP) and the Colt 1907. This last gun was submitted to the U.S. Army for an extensive series of trials that eventually led to the gun known today as the Model of 1911.

Squad Cargo pants Military person Military uniform Helmet

(GI 1911 from WWII era)

This gun, with its distinctive 5-inch barrel, 8.25-inch overall length, 7-shot detachable magazine, single action design and hair trigger held out of battery by a beavertail grip safety and active slide safety, was soon adopted as the standard handgun by the U.S. military. As such it served through WWI and WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, only being nominally replaced in 1986 by the Beretta 92-F (M9) after exactly 75-years of service.

Now they are back

Inland 1911

Based in Dayton, Ohio, MKS Supply is the company behind Hi Point and Chiappa. Now they have teamed up with a reborn Inland Manufacturing (Facebook) to market a series of M1911 that are almost identical to the ones carried by the GI's of WWII.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Recreation

(Photo by MKS)

Like the old Colts from yesteryear, these guns have the same 'patent date' roll marks along the faithfully blued slide. All American-made from new manufactured components and assembled in Dayton, these guns boast superior metallurgy over older pieces, as they use 4100-series steel. However, what you are not going to see is plastic.

Now these guns are not Hi-Points. According to Inland, "MKS Supply is the exclusive master distributor for Inland Manufacturing products in the United States. MKS was chosen due to their performance and ability to market firearms and accessories, there is no relationship with any other company that MKS Supply represents such as Hi Point Firearms."

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Everyday carry

Looking for something more than GI? They also intend to market a Custom Carry version that appears to be stainless with Novak-ish sights.

Our thoughts

Besides the AR-15 market, there seems no limit to the number of vendors looking to make a 1911. Almost all of the major handgun players (to include S&W, Ruger, SIG, Remington, Springfield Armory and ATI) sell a version as does a number of makers who only sell 1911-style guns such as Kimber, Les Baer, Para Ordnance, and Auto-Ordnance.

Besides that, there are some decent import 1911s like the Philippine made Rock Island Armory (RIA) and Brazilian made Taurus guns running around the $500 mark. However, even with that said, the reason there are so many makers for these guns is they are what the people want. It's a classic design and a proven man-stopper.

With the Inland 1911 being MSRP'd at $749, the imports can put a hurt on it price-wised. However compared to guns like the Remington 1911R1 (MSRPd at $729) and the Auto-Ordnance "WWII Parkerized" model (at $685) the price point doesn't seem too farfetched.

Then again, a Hi Point JHP45 ACP (with Laserlyte laser) runs a MSRP of just $251. Just saying.