Hi-Point Firearms Forums Testimonial Thread

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    Hello, I'm Strangerous. I am posting this as an open invitation to all guests to come on in, register up, and tell us a little bit about yourself. I know you don't need to register to view the forums, and maybe you're just a passerby, but if you have been a passerby more than twice, join us! You do not have to own a Hi-Point firearm to join us here. I was a passerby at one point myself, and what made me join was wanting to ask a question in Private Message. I for one appreciate having a variety of people around to associate with. I believe most on the forums hold the same opinion. PLUS, if you happen to live in upstate SC, we could go shooting/hunting/fishing sometime! So come on in, take that leap, and reply to posts, send private messages, and come join us in the chat.
  2. hi, my name is rob and i'm a hi-pointaholic......(no disrespect intended, of course).. :D

  3. Couldn't be more right strangerous. I lurked on here for a long time before actually joining and now I am glad I did. Great bunch of guys as long as you don't call a magazine a clip. J/K
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    LOL!!! :lol: It just hit a nerve.
  5. Well I have been here for several weeks now. I joined just after my son bought his very first pistol after turning 21 years old. When we first went looking at pistols and revolvers, he pointed out the Hi-Point 45 ACP...I laughed out loud and said that is a toy...a plastic piece of junk!! Well a week later, his taxes came in, he went and bought the 40 S&W (he wanted the 45 ACP but they sold it).

    I wanted to learn as much as I could about Hi-Point. I googled and found their website and this forum. I did all sorts of reading and lurking to learn as much about them as I could. I was afraid that these were in the same class as the Bryco/Jennings/Jimenaz pistols. I own a Bryco Jennings Nine 9 MM and everyone that knows I have it gives me down the road. The Jennings Nine isn't a bad shooting gun, but they have a bad rap. I just figured Hi-Point was the same...BOY I WAS WRONG!!

    After my son got his 40 S&W we went out that week and shot it...well I ate my words...man they tasted terrible...and I went and bought the C9.

    I am hooked!! Both of us are.

    I want a 995, but I want to wait to see if it will come with the new style stock that I have seen on here. I have thought about getting the 40 S&W and maybe even the 45 ACP. Heck I might end up with one of each of Hi-Points firearms!!

    The guys on here are great. Only had the pleasure of getting responses from some, but the ones who have responded and welcomed me have been nice and very informative!
  6. Couldn't put it better Strangerious, all the guests should go ahead and join, ask your own questions and get them answered. Hek, even answer someone elses question. This is a great gun forum, im glad I joined.
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    I has been hur a lil while . Couldn't decide if it was a clip or a magazine. See magazines are wut we'un read whilst in da turlit. Sorry Strange I just had to drill on that nerve like a damn root canal. lol
  8. I didnt lurk here at all, I joined the first time I found it. I was looking for a place I could talk about the hi point guns I have. had the gun for over a year before I found this place.
    the guns are great and I couldnt find anyone who liked them around here. not to worry all there are several now ( I let them shoot mine). and I have more than a few who have gotten their own. I have 5 hi points now, and will have more before long.
    it is great to have someone to help you and to talk to about your guns and just about anything as far as that goes. so thanks guys
  9. Honestly, this forum is what sold me on Hi-points and probably wouldn't have bought one otherwise. Currently own three of them with plans to add more in the future. Joined the old forum and stumbled back in here one day. Very glad I found it!! 8) 8)
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    Yessss. Hi-Point Firearms Forums Testimonial Thread!!!