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  1. ok i'm new to this forum but have been shooting since i was 3 my grandfather was a gunsmith so i'm not gun inept but everyone i've told about hi-points have been all for them til i tell them about the price my dad was extremly weary of these guns and i heard the first bad thing about hi-points last week a guy told me he works at a friends gun shop and he get's alot of low life gang bangers buying these and they are alway coming back with cycling problems and feeding problems. now i know if you limp wrist it or feed it crappy ammo most any gun will fail in some way. so what i'm getting at is anyone let me know if they've had any serious problems with there hp i've read all good things so far with minute comolaints so let me know...thanks hotrod
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    I don't know about the statistics on what guns the criminals buy. But I have had a Hi point .45acp for about two years now and find it to be extremely dependable and accurate. I have fired 2000+ rounds through mine with one failure to eject. That's a fact. But think about the criminal deal. They will either buy a gun or break into someones house and steal one. I would rather they at least have to give some money for it than break into someones house, possibly causing physical harm to some one to get a gun. And in some places they will have to go through a background check. Buy a Hi point, buy some good ammo for it, and take care of it as if you want it to last. Hi point has a great warranty, and will fix any problem with the gun for ever. As far as gun shops, do you think they are going to tell you that the Hi point is better than the 600.00 dollar gun that they would rather you buy? I had a local gun shop tell me the same thing. A few hours later I walked out of the shooting range after burning 200 round without a problem. The guy told me that it wouldn't last 100 rounds.

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    ive been shooting my whole life also and my father is a firearms instructor, my older brother had an early model hi point back in the mid 90's and it wasnt that great but ive had my .45 for awhile now and havent had any problems with it... and as far as limp wristing goes i just shot 150 rounds through it this weekend in 8 degree temps with no gloves and never had a problem..... my opinion is if you are adept with guns and know how to shoot then you wont have any problems... having shot many other firearms i can say that my .45 is definatly one of the most accrate handguns ive shot, i attribute that to the fixed barrel

    basically i used to have my doubts on hi points but after seeing and shooting several new hi points i would say they know what they are doing these days... not to mention if you do have any problems they will definatly take care of you.

    as far as the gang bangers go... of course they are buying cheap guns, but so are the people that are most likley to be a victim of these same criminals. and the jamming problems i will attribute to them not ever having any proper instruction on how to shoot... we've all seen the tilted "gangsta" grip that non shooters seem to always want to use. that being said ive known plenty of "low lifes" that had more than one gun and nice ones at that... taurus, walther, glock.... dont forget that the drug business is a profitable market and not all of these guys are broke, a lot of them make more than most of us do at a real job... sad but true
  4. 2000 through one of them, 1500 through another.

    welcome to the fold...... I suggest you take an hour or so and read all the range reports, etc. No gun is perfect, although my HP's have been.