Hi Point got bashed in SWAT Magazine

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  1. Just got the september issue of SWAT magazine and one of the articles is about buying cheap get cheap and of course there is a picture of 2 guns and one is a hi point. i find it funny since this magazine actually gave good reviews of hi points in the past. Just thought i would pass this along
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    That's just Haters Hating...


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    SWAT Magazine?

    1) Are you a Mall Cop?
    2) Do you have a police scanner?
    3) Do you also subscribe to True Detective Magazine?
    4) If you ever want to hear a GOOD Cop joke, ask a Truck Driver? haha
  4. Nope not a mall cop. It isnt just a magazine for law enforcement any way. Many of the articles are good for outdoors people and i like some of the firearm reviews for us civilians to use for defense. If you never checked it out you should. Not a bad magazine with the exception of an article or 2
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    haven't read the article, but i guess the phrasing "buy cheap, get cheap" that you say they used really isn't too far off. I mean the guns are great, i love both of mine, but they're cheap, no way around it. cheap polymer, cheap steel, cheap mags, cheap sites, the whole thing is cheap but damm it goes bang round after round after round.
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    The word "cheap" has taken on negative connotations. Inexpensive is a better word. I recently bought an inexpensive (comparatively speaking) Taurus .357. Great pistol for the money!
    Today I was at the range with both the Bersa 9UC and the Taurus 357. The guy next to me was shooting what looked like a full size M1911 (don't know what caliber or brand). Anyway he finished shooting and came over to my stall and asked what I was shooting. So I told him. He smiled and patted his M1911 and said "$2400". I patted my Bersa and said "$300" and then the Taurus and said "$400". I smiled back at him and he walked away.
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    NE Utah
    What an asshat!:p

    Not you, Scout, I meant him. Sounds like the suave sophisticated kinda guy that tells everyone what his wife's new knockers cost...:rolleyes:
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    For $2400, one could buy every Hi Point currently in production and still have $700 left over for ammo.
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    I cant say ive ever owned a $2400 gun, but i do own a $1000 Kimber. Truth is, it doesnt shoot any better than my $149 HiPoint. It looks alot prettier, it gets more nods and smiles when someone sees it in all its shiny glory, but at the end of the day, the only difference is, it cost a whole hell of a lot more.
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    $1700, Is that all?
    I may have to re-think this!
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    i would bet there's a difference in quality and craftsmanship. As far as shooting maybe there is no difference to you but I would have to think your kimber is a much nicer shooter is it not?
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    You'd be surprised...... Kimber doesn't exactly use the best quality parts, for a higher dollar firearm.... And they seem to have the same reliability problems. The difference is Kimber will tell you it's normal, shoot 1000+ rds, and it should get better.....
    Aesthetically, yes...... the Kimber is a much more pleasant gun to look at. And to me, ergonomics are better.... But not 7-9 hundred dollars better....
  14. cicpup

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    It's better in that it's a 1911 vs a HP.
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    Geezzzz...I owned a 9mm, 40 and 45 caliber pistols and a 9mm carbine. Never had any problems with any of them. Currently I am getting the urge to buy a 45 carbine and expect that wont have any problems either. The writers should own one before they comment.
  16. 0311

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    ....& probably the ONLY gun he owns.
  17. planosteve

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    Get lots of ammo, dang thing is a blast to shoot.
  18. talon

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    The trigger is smoother and its more pleasing to the eye. But it no more accurate. That's why i said at the end of the day they shoot the same. Being prettier dont make it shoot better. Even a nicer trigger doesnt make it a better shot.
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    20 years ago my buddy blew over $3k on custom 1911 with STI frame, Caspian slide, hybrid bull barrel, diamond hand checkering, etc. I let him play with my 995 TS last month and he is now looking to buy a Hi Point. LOL.
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    Yet to ever see any form of Hi-Point in the line at a Bulls Eye match.

    I have seen Bulls Eye shooters put all 5 rounds within the x ring at 50 yds, all 5 holes could be covered with a silver dollar, and many perfect scores.

    With that said I do enjoy shooting my Hi-Point, but it isn't a Kimber.