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Hi Point holster for sale.

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Hello, I recently purchased this holster and mag carriers and I can return it because I opened the package and actually tested it for fit. This is for an IWB holster and two of their universal magazine holders. I paid a total of $83.70 for the whole package, if anyone wants to take this off my hands I will sell all for $45.00 shipped if you do Paypal Friends and Family or $48 for a normal Paypal transfer.

Please read my review before deciding to buy, this will need work for it to work properly. We the People holster for C9, one big turd. (Review)

Also, the magazine carriers are of the same quality and the factory Hi-point magazines are loose when inserted even at full tightness, same with my 1911 magazines.

With the above said, please only buy if you feel you can fix the holster and use the magazine carriers for other mags.

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[Admin note]
Item sold.

For people who list items, please do not change the thread title after the item sells. This recent thread title was changed to "no longer available" which is confusing to in the forum topics list.

Just make a post indicating that the item is sold, withdrawn, or no longer available.

You can ask a mod to close the thread if you want.

Thank you,
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