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  1. Ok so I have been looking everywhere and cannot find a decent holster for the C9 and im asking you guys who makes a good holster for the C9 for CCW I will never use an in waist band holster because my friend is now down 1 nut since he had one and had an AD. I have a fobus which I love but I wish it had a thumb break on it and if all else fails I may take a fobus and add a thumb break or just design my own. A shoulder holster may fit the bill but there so action movie cliche so this thread is only about Hi-point holsters and where to get them.
  2. I also have a Fobus, but I don't have my CCW permit yet. I can't really tell you how well it would work in real life, since all I do with it is wear it around the house...

    Hi Point sells the Vega holster, and those Crossman airsoft holsters (from D i c k' s for $ 8) fit well but are thick padded nylon. Uncle Mie's looks like there might be some good choices, but I have no experience with them.

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    I use a Fobus holster off duty and like it. The only problem with it is that it's about an inch too long to fit under a sweatshirt without being conscious of it an having to pull the shirt down once in a while. If your carring one of the compact 9's it shouldn't be a problem. As to retention straps, why do you want one? Under stress it's just one more thing to miss or forget to release or have hang up.

    On duty I carry a level 3 holster, but off duty less is best. Just my oppinion.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.
  4. I use one made by uncle mikes.
  5. Uncle Mike's IWB or sidekick.
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    do they make a clip draw that will fit on the c9?
  7. I have a sidekick.
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    I bought the leather Vega holster with my C9. I like it.

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    This will fit the bill size 16 Oh and with the safety on don't worry about AD this holster does IWB/ OWB and is very comfortable and durable and is ambidextrious as well and I have worn a shoulder rig for the C9 it is very concealable and comfortable and nothing cliche about them. Just try them out and see what works for you. Have Fun :D
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    I wear a fobus for my C9 and JHP 45. I'm 6'1" and long waisted with dunlap disease so I buy XT sizes you can blouse it or just let it hang
    and it will ride up some but you won't need to be concerned. Carrying,
    I guess, is somewhat like a woman wearing a dress. Always afraid
    something will pop out. Sorry ladies.
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    Someone mentioned a clip draw. Check the laws in your state. In Ohio a clip draw is illegal because you must carry in a holster. Even in the pocket.

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    Yup got one of them as well and they are very comfortable
  13. +1 on the uncle mikes. got for for the 9. need one for the 45
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    im tempted to try a leather holster for my .45, i think that a taurus 24/7 holster should fit it.... the first thing i though when i picked up a 24/7 was...geez they say my hi point is a brick! i havent sat them next to each other but i would say the taurus is just as blocky if not worse
  15. The ClipDraw will fit just about any gun. They do have a way to attach this to the C9. I have one on my G27, and I love it. The lower profile is very concealable, and IWB holsters always feel like I'm walking around with a rock in my shoe. Having said that, I carry my C9 in a Fobus. It's snug enough that I don't worry about it falling out while running, and the gun is designed to be pulled straight out, which should buy you some time in a gun grab scenario. It's the most comfortable that I've found so far. The Uncle Mike's thumb break needs some work, and the holster moves up and down with the gun when you're trying to remove it from the holster. I will probably invest in one of these soon:


    That should open up my carry options in the warmer weather, and I can always carry strong side, OWB, and still have my weapon concealed. Hope this helps...
  16. im gonna see if I can find someone to make me a custom holster like the fobus but with level 2 retention since I just got my card telling me to come down and pick up my Concealed weapons permit got final approval
  17. Congrats on the CCW!
  18. thats nice but I wonder if its too big to conceal Im gonna try a shoulder holster I just ordered one