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do they make a clip draw that will fit on the c9?
The ClipDraw will fit just about any gun. They do have a way to attach this to the C9. I have one on my G27, and I love it. The lower profile is very concealable, and IWB holsters always feel like I'm walking around with a rock in my shoe. Having said that, I carry my C9 in a Fobus. It's snug enough that I don't worry about it falling out while running, and the gun is designed to be pulled straight out, which should buy you some time in a gun grab scenario. It's the most comfortable that I've found so far. The Uncle Mike's thumb break needs some work, and the holster moves up and down with the gun when you're trying to remove it from the holster. I will probably invest in one of these soon:


That should open up my carry options in the warmer weather, and I can always carry strong side, OWB, and still have my weapon concealed. Hope this helps...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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