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  1. awhile back ago there was a thread about hlsters fitting Hi point pistols. I did a little research and got the part numbers of the holsters that are claimed to fit:

    C9 and CF 380
    Vega #N150
    Vega - #T258
    Houston Holster #RPHP
    Safariland Nylok Snap Strap Field Right Handed Holster - # 4073
    Uncle Mike's side kick - #16
    Uncle Mike's side kick - #15
    FOBUS standard - #HP2
    Galco M5X - #M5X464
    Crosman air pistol holster -one size fits all
    federal holsterworks - #4
    Bulldog extreme holster - size 30
    bulldog hybrid holster - size 7
    ProTech intimidator - size 30
    sportsmans guide belt slide holster - size Large
    BlackHawk Cordura - size medium
    Bianchi - 14A

    Galco Stow and go INSIDE THE PANT HOLSTER #STO225

    Shoulder holster
    UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster (claims "universal fit")
    Uncle Mikes pro-pak # 15
    Bulldog Deluxe Shoulder Harness (horizontal) Size 31

    JCP and JHP
    KNJ - size 16?

    If I find any more I'll post them.

    please note: the only holster that I personally own is the crosman air pistol holster, therefore I can only personally vouch for that particular one. The holsters I have listed are either claimed by te manufacturer to fit the weapon, or claimed by an owner to fit them.
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    That post is an AWESOME piece of information to have on this thread... I vote for PrimalSeal to delete my post and make this a STICKY!

  3. double that. can some admin please sticky this thread.
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  5. updated OP to include a couple of more holsters, to organize and to add a "buyer beware"
  6. i too will vouch for the crossman..(with a c9). i have one and it fits like a dream.
  7. I use the Fobus holster for my JHP 45, and it is comfy as this gun is ever going to get in terms of carry. Passive retention seems to work pretty well too.
  8. i found a federal holsterworks brand at academy sports for $14. size 4, comes with extra magazine pouch and adjustable thumb break strap.
  9. I have an Uncle Mikes sidekick #15 that fits both my C9 and my .40 Sigma perfectly.
  10. Gabriel, Nowonmai, I added ya'lls holster sizes to the OP as well.
    ya'll don't mind do you?
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    I got one of the fedral holsters....works great for the c9
  12. I have an Uncle Mike's #15 in-the-pants style that fits great. Pretty much all Uncle Mike's #15's will fit.
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    Outstanding info. I also currently have a Crosman holster and agree that it's an excellent fit. The only thing I don't like is the buckle/snap deal. Been looking at an Uncle Mike's because of the nice thumb break and now I know what size fits.

  14. yeah the buckle/snap thing aggravates me too, but once you prctice with it, you kind of get the hang of a smooth, not so fast draw. I have been thinking about "modifying" mine a little. it was only 7 dollars, if I mess it up, oh well.
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    Yep, that's what I said when I bought mine. We now have a couple extra that I'm modifying to work underseat in the wifes car and truck. The Crosmans also fit her Glock 22 perfectly, and if I totally destoy them before making them work, who cares.

    Maybe Wally World will even take them back once I'm done ruining them. :shock:
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    I got a fobus coming from fobus itself this week.
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    You live in South Carolina, right?
    No firearm is to be anywhere besides the glovebox or trunk. If you have a cwp, you may have it concealed on you, you may also have it inside a garment's pocket, given if you were to put the garment on, the firearm would be concealed. A firearm under the seat is a quick way to get a "Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon" charge. I strongly suggest against you doing this, and i hope you take this the right way...
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    Don't forget the Pro Tech line. I have a Pro Tech Outdoors brand,"intimidator". It is a perfect holster for the C-9. It also has the front pouch for an extra mag. I love mine because it offers several ways to carry your pistol all in one holster.
  19. is there a size or a specific model? I saw those when I was looking, but I never saw a specific one.