hi-point illegal in CA?!?!

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    Okay, so I checked out a few stores here in CA and I see them selling Hi-point c9's/40's and 45's but I just got an auction from auctionarms and I got a 45JHP, but then he is saying their illegal in CA, is it true? Anyone want to shime in on this? I got it for a good price, maybe that is why?
  2. I am pretty sure the hi point carbines are illegal in calif because they are a rifle that use a detachable magazine. I cant see why the pistols would be, but I am not from calif and cannot say for sure.

  3. CalGuns.net has quite a lot of coverage of this. Handgun manufacturers have to pay a bribe and submit samples to be abused by the state in order to be cleared for sale.

    Hi-Point Carbines are regulated under CA 'Scary Assault-Looking Weapons' legislation. There are people that modify them to conform with CA's insane laws and import them into the state rather reasonably priced. Read this thread:


    BTW, a 'bullet-button' is a device to make the carbine a sort-of fixed mag weapon; necessary to comply with CA law.
  4. California has a stupid gun test they perform on any new firearm that will be sold in the state, and the company must provide the guns to the state testing facility for it to be tested and approved for sale in the state. Have no idea what's on the approved list but you can search your state data base and see if the HiPoint .45 is listed.

    Best suggestion is either move or vote the commies out of office and replace them with people who still believe in the US Constitution, then get your silly commie laws changed.

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    yeah, i know the carbines are illegal but the pistols are just like anyother pistols...humm, i will check out that site. Thanks.

    Looks like they are illegal? but I'll check with a FFL to make sure it its not illegal. But if it is, then I guess I'll be going for a c9, but its odd because I've seen the hi-point 40 SW here in a sacramento dealer....
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    Everything in California is illegal except growing your own Marijuana and sexual intercourse between consenting persons of the same sex.
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    And don't forget the "illegals" who are legal
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    i could never live in california... all my guns and knives would be frowned upon not to mention trying to get something shipped to me. and how do they expect me to build a fast car with all those rules, here in nebraska if it has lights signals and it rolls then its legal

    plus if i move to california all the things that may be perfectly fine elsewhere may start to give me cancer

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    Gee here in So Carolina You don't need lights or signals. [and if you do have them no one uses the stupid things anyways :wink: ]
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    That’s correct. You can have the 9mm and the .380acp but the Hi-Point .45 and .40 are illegal, they don’t meat the CA safety standards. After January 1st 2010 all auto loading hand guns without micro-stamping will be illegal as well.
  13. So in other words ALL semi-auto hand guns.
  14. This is a big legal nightmare. It seems that handguns already on the list can stay there as long as the manufacturer pays the bribe. They can continue to be sold without microstamping. Any new semi automatic handguns that a gunmaker wants to add to the list will have to meet the microstamping requirement. Law Enforcement, of course, is exempt from current restrictions as well as these new requirements because--well, you know...

    Some people in CA think there are enough problems with this legislation that it will never be implemented. I do enjoy watching what's going on next door where I'm from though. Sometimes I miss the coast and would like to move back, but I have to visit there often enough to always remind me why I'll never be able to fit into the PRK again.
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    Yah it will be fun to watch, I hope I have moved by then.
  16. Left in '01 when I got out of the Marines and haven't been back since.
  17. I just moved to Washington from California and I had this same problem when I tried to get my hands on a Walther P-5. now there is nothing bad or scary about the P-5 that should make it illegal... but since the P-5 is not a terribly popular gun here in the US, the time and money involved in getting it on the CA approved import list was not something walther probably wanted to do.

    sooooooo here is the extra wierd part of this particular piece of legislation: technically, it is NOT illiegal to own one of these guns (HP .40, .45, P-5) in CA. it is only illegal to IMPORT them to CA. So if one of these guns is already in the state, its ok. This means private party transfers are ok, as long as the gun is not being imported into the state.

    The question then becomes: how do they get into the state in the first place without importing them? Putting aside the guns that were already in the state before these laws went into effect, there are 2 main ways these guns can get into CA legally.

    1. Someone who owned these "banned import" guns in another state and then moves to CA.

    2. Law enforcement personnel can import just about any kind of gun they want to CA (full auto uzi's for example).

    Straw purchases (where someone buys a gun FOR you) are very illegal.

    It's honestly quite silly. But I hope this makes it a little clearer. The list of all the guns that are avaliable for import are on that CA DOJ website. http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/
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  19. This fantasy story sorta like fairies (the winged type), gnomes, elves, and working socialism where every time a gun is fired an identifying code/serial number is stamped on the case and/or bullet.
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    From the little I know about micro-stamping it would seem to me all one would have to do is replace the firing pin to get around it.

    Also read the other day that micro-stamping even without tampering that I mentioned is highly doubtful it will work.

    Someone committing a crime could also go to their local range and gather up a bunch of shell casings and leave them at the crime scene so they'd have a bunch of different gun owners to chase down who weren't involved.

    Liberals are such a bunch of idiots.