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I just moved to Washington from California...
how do they get into the state in the first place...
1. Someone who owned these "banned import" guns in another state and then moves to CA.
My wife's parents still live in Northern CA and she sometimes talks about moving back to care for them. If we do, I will take all the off-list handguns I own (and I'll make it a point to buy more before moving) and legally register them in CA. I guarantee that when we move back out of the PRK to free America, all of those off-list handguns will be the legal property of California gun owners who'd like a little taste of what those of us in what they call 'flyover states' are allowed... :idea: :!:

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From the little I know about micro-stamping it would seem to me all one would have to do is replace the firing pin to get around it.

Also read the other day that micro-stamping even without tampering that I mentioned is highly doubtful it will work.
They're talking about putting tiny numbers on the firing pin so that it imprints them on the primer? That's a terrible idea. :? It seems like the stamp would wear out pretty quickly, and even if not, you could probably file the numbers off.

I remember a while back there was an idea to put tiny tags in the gunpowder of ammunition so that every time the gun was fired, it would blast matching tags all over the shooter and the scene. That makes a little more sense than "micro-stamping", but it still seems overly complex and cumbersome.

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Definately illegal.

Unfortunately the only Hi-Point firearms on Calif.`s legal list is thier C9 9mm and thier .380acp. I believe the reason for that is Hi point hasn`t had them tested by the governing body, I believe the dept. of firearms of the DOJ, in order for them to pass as " California Legal" #%$#%@
I live here in Twain Harte Ca. and can`t believe some of the dumb--- firearms laws we have here. There are dealers that won`t ship even LEGAL weapons here because they fear retribution from this state. Crazy hah? This was law as of 1/12 anyway.
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