Hi-Point Illegal in Illinois????????????????????????

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    Hi all, first post form a noob. I have found a carrier of Hi-point firearms here in central Illinois where i now live and i should have a .380 here soon. The problem i am having is that i called a gun store by my folks. GAT Guns in Dundee Illinois. I have searched the forum to see if anyone else had dealt with them and found nothing. I also searched to see if anyone had posted about Hi-Points being illegal in Illinois. The reason behind all this is because i called them to see if they even carried the pistols. After being transferred from one guy who didn't even know what i was talking about, the next guy told me they are not legal for sale in Illinois and that its a $500 fine per gun. Then he pretty much hung up on me, not allowing me to ask why he thought Hi-Points are illegal in Illinois. GAT GUNS, you are off the list. So if you are reading this and would like to inquire yourself the website is http://www.gatguns.com/ and their phone # is 847 - 428 - 4867. Please ask if they carry Hi-Point pistols and then wait for their reaction.

    IMO:Today was the first day I've ever handled one and i found it to be solid and smooth. I cant wait to have one.
  2. I live in northern Il. and I can't believe HiPoint's are illegal(except for not having a foid card),I checked 3 gun shops that all carry HiPoints before I got my .40 in Oregon.Nothing was said about them not being legal or not.

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    I live in NW Ill
    Just got My HP 9 mm delivered
    no such thing as illegal
    all the shops around have them Back ordered

    ammo is hard to find , but will be at the range this Sat. with mine
    no not Postal
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    They are definitely just being dicks, and that's a shame because gun shops are scarce enough in IL before you weed out the crappy ones.
  5. Hell, I thought every firearm was illegal in the Little Dicky Daly controlled state of Illinois. Yup, I know he ain't your governor, but it sure seems like most everything that goes on has to be approved by Chicago.
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  6. cook county (california jr) blows. everywhere else (i grew up in galesburg) its totally legal with a foid card. guy was just being a douche.
  7. First, as a native (dowstate) Illinoisian, I agree with the general disdain for what Cook and neighboring counties have done to the rest of the state. That said, I'm surprised that they're not illegal, based on this:

    Chapter 5, paragraph 25.22(h) of the Illinois State Code makes it illegal for any dealer, importer, manufacturer or pawnbroker, to manufacture, sell or deliver to anyone, except another gun dealer licensed by the Federal government, any handgun having a barrel, slide, frame or receiver that has a die casting of zinc alloy or any other non-homogenous metal which will melt or deform at a temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit or less. This law was passed in October, 1973.

    The Zamak slides would seeming make them verboten, but, as people are saying, they're sold there. Shrug.

  8. Sounds like one of them laws that should have been taken off the books long ago. Up until the early 70's there was a law that made it illegal to drive a car in downtown Fort Worth.
  9. When I lived in MN I was told they were illegal by the proprietor of a snob shop. Now that I live in WI I was told they are illegal here, too. I never bought any guns from either of them because they were filthy stinking rotten liars.
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  10. Sounds like a guy who just does not like the brand. I don't understand their thinking. They could be making money on selling them, yet they choose to be ignorant. I wouldn't give that shop the time of day.
  11. There's an old law here that if you drive form Marion to Old Fort that you have to call ahead so they can get the horses out of the road
  12. Make sure that number is on your speed dial!
  13. In Southern Illinois Hi Point firearms are alive & well. Most all the gun shops here have them in stock. The most popular ones being, The C9, JHP 45, & 995 carbine. The gun dealers I've talked to about Hi Points say.....,They are a good buy for the money. One gun dealer even told me he thinks Hi Points are one of the best buys on the market today.

  14. he'd be right, LOL.
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    The problem is not the store so much as it is the state. The political boobs that run the state are trying to outlaw all guns period. IMHO THEY! not guns need to be outlawed.
  16. I agree, he does not like the brand. I would guess that the "making money" is the issue to these guys. They just can't mark them up as much as they can the other more expensive makes.

    The troubles are partially gun snobbery, but also simple economics.

    To make a bunch of money off Hi Points, a dealer would have to sell a higher volume, compared to more expensive guns that they can put a higher mark up on. They carry a smaller inventory, with less overhead per brand. All shops have investment capitol tied up in inventory. The key to any shop, whether it is an auto dealership, boat sales, or a gun shop, etc., is turning over product at a fast enough rate to keep the latest models/versions on the shelf, and maintain a steady cash flow. More selection means more potential sales, but must be juggled with projected sales volume/ ie cash flow.
    Let's be honest here, business is all about making money.

    I know, sell more volume, right?
    Well a lot of those shops have a pretty fair idea of the volume they can sell. So they have concluded that at their current level of volume, they likely can't sell enough of them, to make what they want to earn on mark ups. They want to push those hi mark up guns, so they won't stock the HP, figuring it may cost them a sale on the higher priced guns. If they mark the Hi Points up too much, making them more profitable for their shop, they won't sell, because they start approaching the cost of the more expensive guns that they can mark up more, and smart shoppers will buy the Hi Point elsewhere, where they can get the good price. Didn't you shop around for the best price?

    When you look at cumulative sales volume figures, you always have to take into account that those numbers are derived from sales over a broad area, and are not representative of the sales of an individual shop.

    I am not trying to defend the piss poor behavior of these snob shops, just trying to explain why some dealers likely don't carry or sell our HP's.
    I support telling others about poor service, and poor customer treatment when you ask for the HP. I wouldn't frequent those shops either.
    By spreading the word, you are doing your small part to inform these shops of the consequences of such unacceptable practices.

    But I don't demonize a shop that doesn't carry the Hi Point; if they don't treat me like crap for asking about them. I think the smart dealer would be the guy who steps into the back room, calls his suppliers, and orders you one; even if he doesn't stock them; because that is still a sale, and brings the potential sales of ammo, holsters, and accessories.
    That my friends, is a smart businessman.
  17. Two questions-does the Zamak slide have such a low melting point (I don't see how they can define what "deform" means accurately enough to be constitutional) and does this also apply to polymer frames? If so, I would thin there's a lot of illegal Glocks (not to mention other makes) out there!
  18. The owner of the gun shop I bought my C-9 from says he can't get them in fast enough. So no overhead problems there. As a matter of fact he has a waiting list.
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    I spoke with my ffl dealer and a couple of gun shops around southern Illinois and here is what they all told me. I looked it up on the IL state police website to confirm. It is not illegal to own a Hi Point handgun in IL, but you cannot purchase one from an FFL within the state or process one through one due to the Saturday night special law. You can purchase from an individual non FFL gun owner without any penalties. Really stupid law, but I have lived in IL all my life and should be used to it by now! Has played hell trying to find an JHP 45 to go with my 4595 i purchased at Rural King last spring! Real bummer!