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    Cool that I'd less than 30 minutes from my house.

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    NE Utah

    Wonder if he's still doing Hi Points, or if he sold that, and is doing something else?
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    Ive been wanting to work for HP for years now, I hope its true.
  5. Texas would be a good place for a Beemiller plant. Good forthem! :):)
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    Whatever it is, it's still "firearms" anyway.

    I'm really curious now. "Manufacturing" was mentioned several times but also "Distribution" was emphasized, making it unclear if it is to be a true manufacturing site or just a Distribution point. Due to the fact that "gunshots," "tests," and "snail trap" were specified, I assume that it will be a manufacturing plant with direct-to-distributor shipping.

    I wonder if it's related to the new 3895TS? Maybe that nebulous "concealed carry" gun which was hinted to Duster all those years ago?

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    I think you have to marry into the family first.
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    hahaha well see....
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    Yeah that would suck if the only one left in the family to marry was a geeky little pipsqueak dude
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    How about an update?
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    Building is mostly built will try to get by there on Friday
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    Or be on really good terms with Mel..... :p
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    In the original post it list that Tom Deeb & his step son Brad Hennings were in this together. It was a mis-print. It should have read Brad Jennings is his step son. I am wondering if there really is any connection between HP & "THE" Jennings firearms from out west. I have heard this rumor for several years?
  14. A Jennings and Deeb collaboration? I highly doubt it, but stranger things have happened. As the Jennings business grew they made attempts to break free from their infamous Saturday Night Special legacy. Specifically, Bryco came out with a youth rifle, named the Jennings Jr.; and Steve Jennings (the man behind Sundance Industries pistols) actually had some interesting innovations, including the Laser 25 and Lady Laser which were the first mass produced pistols with a built in lasers.

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  15. Oh, Moonzie, did you catch the print in that picture of the Laser 25?
    Could a SNS actually rate as a "Best Buy" for 1995 in Guns & Ammo? :rolleyes:
    Who knew? :rofl:
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    I saw the pic and keep going. Figured why read about crap. And I don't read Guns and ammo so they have no street cred.
  17. I wonder, how Thomas Deeb passing is going to affect this.
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    Well I am off work on Friday and need to go to north west Frisco so I will make a side trip to see what is going on. Will let you all know when I get back.
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    I have to cancel the trip to see what is up, I have to go to a funeral for my wife's aunt. Will reschedule for next week.