Hi point in the news again

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    The father said that his son was a cancer survivor who had become confused. Based on the son's behavior, he sounds more like someone who was simply a psychopath. It takes pure evil to participate in the kinds of activities that he did before he finally got caught. That kind of malevolent behavior doesn't just manifest itself out of nowhere.

    It's unfortunate that the father, a previously law abiding citizen, had to go down for his son's actions. Our system is getting to the point that people's kids are increasingly becoming legal liabilities. If this keeps up, many parents are going to have little choice but to kick their miscreants out and into State custody in order to stave off potential future legal trouble.

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    I just watched drugs inc and they had kitchen table full of hi points oddly the drug dealers kept refering to them as glocks. How dare call hi points glocks
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    It seems anything that goes bang is a glock to them, never mind what's stamped on them. Or maybe they are just trying to impress the film crew. Or maybe they are just so f___ing stupid.....etc.
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    There are two kinds of semi auto pistols. Glocks and imitation wannabe Glocks.

    -footsteps running away-

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    Yep, I'd say that's the case.
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    The answer bluharley, is "C" , All the above. Had it been a Samurai sword, it would have simply been called a sword, or large knife, and the dad would have gotten a slap on the wrist. Just more proof of the ignorance and bias of the bought and paid for media. I am really amazed the mother of that freak that did the Connecticut shooting isn't locked away for life for the same ridiculous reasons.
    On that same note, look at all the liberal bleeding heart outpour for the poor little misguided, obviously sexually abused as a child b**tards that did the Boston Marathon gig. IMO the whole country is going down the toilet in a hurry; and largely because of the media and those that support it. I'm sure we know who they are.
    Whew! I feel better now.
    Thank You
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    Fixed it for you:

    There are two kinds of semi auto pistols. 1911's and imitation wannabe 1911's.

    No footsteps running away when you have a 1911.:D

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    He killed her before going to the school. Even New England authoritarians won't arrest dead people.
  9. Lol. I was about to post that.
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    But they still allow them to vote.
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    Only for Democrats...
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    Dr. Frankenstein to aisle 5. Dr Frankesntein to aisle 5. Please revive this person so we have someone to send to jail
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    Not to long ago in Florida the next victim of the "Whiteout" or "knockout game" was asked by one of the assailants if he had a "Glock." They just wanted to make sure he wasn't armed before they started pummeling him.
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    Glad mine are grown.
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    Your right Think1st. I had forgotten about that. There are so many any more, it's hard to keep up :confused:
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    I was watching "Gangland" one time and they were calling them "G-Heavies" or what I figured out was short for "Glock Heavies".

    I believe it was the same episode that one guy with his "G-Heavy" had a purple snap cap in the chamber. He showed the camera and said something to the effect that "you gotta fear the purple bullet":rolleyes:

    I had to just laugh.;)
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    I'm down to one, the others are 20, but I never worried about them doing something like that....