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    Hello everyone I had a few people from my Youtube channel say I should share some of my Hi-point Video's with yall so here I am.

    Disassembly of the Hi-Point 995 Firearm


    3 Rifle Carbines Review ( Hi-point 995 being one of them )


    Anyways not trying to spam yall's forum I just though some Hi-point fan's would enjoy them.

    Take care yall.

  2. Welcome to the forum bigdog, I have actually watched those videos before, the second one still got me at the end though LOL

    Hope you stick around and check the forum out, there are a pretty good bunch of people here

  3. bigdog_3bc

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    Thanks man I think I will stick around for little and check things out.

    I just hope the forum sticks around alittle longer lol. Soon as I joined the forum shuts down for a week or 2 lol

    I hope it wasn't me!
  4. Got to blame someone!

    Welcome to the Forum,great place to hangout and discuss our favorite guns,and gun maker.