Hi-Point is killing me

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    I joined here a couple months ago. I used to have a 45 Hi-Point pistol and I loaned it to my brother for several years. He died of pancreatic cancer and his ***** wife wouldn't give me my gun back.

    Before he passed, he did give me these and she didn't know about it.

    An Army 44 and Navy 38 plus a knife he made out of a circular saw blade


    So when sportsmans guide sent me an email I immediately bought the 45JHP for $130.00 delivered. I loved it from the start. My buddies gave me grief and I also loved that.

    So I spent 21 dollars on boa grips, 100 on a laserlyte and 60 on extra mags.

    Then I bought the carbine for $301.00 delivered, tru glo red dot, flashlight, muzzle brake, tacstar foregrip that I immediately took off and ordered a hi-point grip.

    I had the carbine for almost a month before I shot it now I have shot it 3 days in a row and I love it more everytime.

    My point is I think I am gonna buy the pistol and the carbine in 9mm becasue 45 ammo is expensive to just go out and target shoot all day.

    Got an overseas vacation coming up and I am a commissioned salesman. My checks for the first 3 or 4 months of the year aren't that great until I hit my bogey but then they get bigger.

    Plus my wife is all over my ass for buying more guns. We have a walk in closet that is a , closet, tornado shelter, and gun safe. She has said that If anyone is here and a tornado comes, I will have to throw guns out. I told her her shoes and clothes would be first.

    So I guess I am now addicted to a brand that everyone loves to ridicule and for some reason, I really enjoy the grief.

    Plus if they give me too much grief I will pull out a kimber, les baer or Wilson combat and let them shoot it and I will outshoot them with the JHP.
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    I didn't know SG had deals like that!

    Why wouldn't the wife return the gun? Did she know it was a loaner?

  3. ArmyRover

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    They have it right now for 145 delivered
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    Does anybody know
  5. Hansj3

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    Anyone know where it ships from? I live up the road from their wherehouse
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    The JHP 45 is my favorite H-P, and the other models are well worth owning.
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    I have been a member there for a couple of years. I think it's $29.95 a year.

    Saved way more than that on ammo.

    You can have them alert you when a certain caliber or brand comes up for sale.

    Members get 5% off stuff plus a lot of times they give even more of a discount.

    I usually wait until something is on sale and they also have a code for free shipping over 49.95.

    I got a notice a couple of days ago for a hell of deal on carhart jeans.

    That is if you can wear a 30wx48l or a 48wx26 inseam.

    I did get a good deal on an underarmor hoodie a while back.

    Mostly buy ammo though.
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    If you think that's bad you should see their retail outlet