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Discussion in 'Hi-Points For Sale' started by AndrewJohn, Apr 17, 2014.

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    Hi point JCP 40 S&W for sale. this is my first time posting so forgive me if I leave something out. Its a very solid gun. put about 350 rounds through it since I've had it. A good friend of mine owned it before me and im positive he couldn't have sent more than 150 rounds down range. I cleaned it regularly even though we all know these guns don't need to be pampered. I polished the feed ramp, barrel and the two magazines it comes with. comes with a cheap carry box, a fobus holster (not pictured), the original box, trigger lock, ghost ring sights, and paper work. I didn't put a price because I didn't want to get laughed at. so just leave your best offer. im not familiar with the shipping procedures so hopefully some from my area will see this. im located in Pueblo, Colorado.

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    Rules say you need to post a price.
    We're not an auction site and you must have sown idea what you want for the gun.
    I'm sure you've put it up for sale other sites also, what are you asking there?

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