Hi-Point Longevity?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by USarmy11b, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Was just curious how many rounds alot of you guys have through yours... Does hi-point have a pistol at thier factory that they keep a round count in? I saw a review on the cobra patriot .45, and they claim that one of thier test guns has 30,000 through it and still functioning.. Does hi-point do this? Thanks!

  2. elguapo

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    Others will chime in: I myself got my First JHP back in trade, but the Second JHP I had over 700 rounds through it. I onlyhave about 50 in the current JHP.

  3. I've probably got 2500 rounds through my C-9, no problems. Some of the guys have had their firing pin break because it pulls double duty as an ejector as well. With the warranty we've got, most of us shoot it till it breaks and then send it in. On the old forum, some guys were reporting 10K plus with no problems. It takes 500 or so to break it in anyway.
  4. 200+ thru my jhp with no probs.
  5. I've lost track but the round count is in the thousands for my C9 and still going.

    I actually do clean it after each shooting session but a modified cleaning. I'll swab out the difficult to reach areas with a q-tip then run a patch and cleaning jag dow the barrel followed by a light oiling.
    Every once in awhile I will scrub it down with CLP, inside and out.
  6. 2000+ through my 4095. I've had a bent firing pin(which was still functioning fine) but other than that its been fine.
  7. I've put over 25,000 rounds through my C-9 and it's still going strong.
  8. ^ man thats a lot of ammo.

    Let me add though, my 2000+ is since I've owned it. My carbine is used and probably saw a lot of action before it came into my hands. If I had to guess its at 3000+ minimum.
  9. what does it matter? so what, you put a couple thousand rounds thru the gun
    and it acts up. send it off for repair..then put a couple more thousand thru it...!!!
  10. Ari

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    I will just say I have 3000+ through my C9 I stopped counting after that
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    I bought my 995 used, it supposedly had about 2,000 rounds through it.

    I imagine I have put close to 2,000 rounds through it myself. No problems with it yet.
  12. Last I remember my C9 was somewhere between 1500 and 1700 rounds. Since I started reloading I lost track of how many rounds I put thru any of my 9mm's.

    As far as how long a HiPoint will last.... The guns will last as long as Beemiller is in business and services their guns under the lifetime warranty.
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    Bought my 995 used so I am not sure how many rounds have been put through it, but my C9 was bought new and has more than 700 rounds through it.
    First 100 it worked great. Between 100 and 250 it had real problems with FTFs and FTEs. Almost sent it in for repairs, but some one pointed out rightfully that I did not even have the gun through the 500 round break in period so I waited. Once past the 250 round point the C9 has worked smooth as silk and I have had no FTFs or FTEs or any other problems.
  14. On the old forum, one of the guys posted a video of a Taurus 24/7 from a speed shooting comp in Ca. They put 10,000 rounds through it in one weekend. That was pretty cool. The only difference is High-point's warranty is probably a lot better. Theirs is a "no questions asked" policy. You'll probably get tired of shooting it before it breaks anyway. Then you can sell it to one of us!! LOL :wink: :roll:
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    At one point i had a C9 with around 3500 on it before it needed repair. Other than that my hi points are all under 1000 as i do most of my volume shooting with glocks.

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    So far I have made it up to 1975 with my C9. Everytime it fires I love my HP more and more.
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    Just hit 2500 Rounds. Amongst other tortures such as losing the holster while riding down the freeway and spilled drinks it's performed wonderfully!
  18. BSK

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    loosing the holster while riding a motorcycle?
    I've been talking about carrying while on the bike. I do have a car but barely drive it, licenced to conceal but I would be afraid that in a crash the gun would go bye bye as it did when one of our deputy crashed some years ago with his HD.
  19. neothespian

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    It wasn't on my belt, but my messenger bag. It turns out the shoulder strap was weak and tore on me when I shifted and that led to a bit of an akward moment. Now the bag has been beefed up and sports a Ford Mustang seatbelt buckle instead of the faux-seatbelt that it came with.