Hi Point made the Muskogee Daily Phoenix newspaper.

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  1. Hi Point made the Muskogee Daily Phoenix newspaper.

    A man was chasing his estranged girlfriend and she called the police on her cell phone.

    Man was pulled over, and for whatever reason he threw a loaded pistol into the police car.

    The newspaper felt compelled to mention that it was a Hi Point .40 caliber, and that it was loaded with Winchester ammo.

    I wonder why they do not report when someone is stabbed that it was by a Buck knife, or if someone is assaulted by a baseball bat that it was a Louisville Slugger?
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    Probably because they are gun snobs and wanted to stress that he was carrying one of the cheapest pistols with one of the cheapest types of ammunition. Because "criminals use Hi-Points," remember? :roll:

  3. So much for ethics in journalism. I am afraid I would have had to call and ask what the caliber and make of the weapon had to do with the story.
    Usually you will get a long pause and a lame excuse.

    Waltham 41 don't let them off the hook that easy.We have got to stand up for our favorite gun maker.
  4. I plan on writing the editor, if I make the paper I will let you all know.

    I plan to basically make the statement I used above. With a few additions such as I am a Hi Point owner and do not see what they make of the pistol has to do with the crime.
  5. I've said this before: It doesn't have anything at all to do with the gun or knife or whatever it is you use to commit a crime. Those are just tools for someone to utilize in order to accomplish their twisted goal. What it does have everything to do with is what's going on between your ears. If you are a raving lunatic and have no other desire than to hurt or kill someone or cause as much pain and suffering as possible, a baseball bat will work in a pinch. Do you EVER see Louisville Sluggers being banned by Congress? Funny thing though, baseball bats are used in crimes EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!

    So, it's not the gun, it has nothing to do with the gun at all. It has everything to do with your favorite flavor of dementia.
  6. My point exactly. There was no need for the paper to go any farther than to mention that a pistol was involved.
  7. Doubtful they would have mentioned the make if it was a h& usp .45. Thats just the media adding to a negative stereotype of the weapon.
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    And Winchester aint the cheapest ammo...that honor goes to Wolf.. :D
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    HEY< hold it right there, Hold on.

    Now lets not be making fun of wolf. GOT IT> :lol: 8) :p :wink:
  10. Here is the letter I wrote, if it makes the paper remains to be seen.


    I am writing in response to the story titled Man sentenced to federal prison in the Wed. May 21st Muskogee Daily Phoenix.

    First of all, let me say that I am glad that the bad guy was caught, and sent to prison. That is as it should be.

    But I do have a question about the reporting of the story that took place in Tahlequah, Ok.

    The officer, after a short pursuit, stopped the bad guy, and noticed that he threw a loaded pistol into the back seat.

    It was discovered to be a Hi Point .40 caliber semi auto pistol loaded with Winchester ammunition.

    I have to ask, as a gun owner, why it was necessary for the story to mention the make and model of the weapon, and even what kind of ammo it had in it.

    Would it not have sufficed to say that a loaded pistol was found?

    If he had been threatening his girlfriend with a knife, would it have been described as a Buck model 55 folding knife with wood grain handles and chrome plating?

    If it had been a baseball bat, would it have been described as a Louisville Slugger TPX Exogrid YB9X Youth Baseball Bat?

    If it had been a crescent wrench would it have been described as a Crescent 12 in. Adjustable Wrench Sears item #00945503000 Mfr. model #AC112V ?

    I think not, they most likely would have been described as a knife, a bat, or a wrench.

    So why the exact description of a firearm, when the term "a loaded pistol" would have sufficed?

    Is this firearm discrimination or brand of firearm discrimination from the police that reported the story or by the newspaper itself?

    Please remember, it was the bad guy that committed the crime, not the inanimate object that he was in possession of.

    Thank you for your time,
  11. BTW, after re-reading the story, it just says that the perp threw the pistol in the back seat, so I am most likely wrong about the throwing it in the back seat of the squad car comment.

    The paper is unclear about that and I assumed. :oops:

  12. I sure will. Not holding my breath though.
  13. Looked good to me.I sure would like to see their reply.But in all honesty I Won't hold my breath.
    Sure is a good job though.
  14. Thanks Tooguns, I actually put some thought into writing it before sending it LOL
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    The detailed bat and wrench descriptions are the icing on the cake... Did the HP have a TITANIUM firing pin or a LATEX grip? :lol: I kid, I kid.
  16. Every time I see the words titanium and firing pin in the same sentence, a kitten loses it's life. So, call your local ASPCA and donate.... or not.... :twisted:
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    Primal, every time you post something without mentioning Titanium, God kills a retarded baby seal, call Greenpeace and donate, or not... :lol: :twisted:
  18. Well my letter made the newspaper, but that was it. No response from anyone one way or the other. Oh well, at least they let me rant :)

  19. Need a scan of it bro.