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    For the past couple of weeks, I've been "boning up" on Hi-Points so as to have some knowledge about them before going to a gun show near here tomorrow. Thus, a quick question to those who have purchased one of these guns-- Do the Hi-Point pistols (I'm talking NIB) come with one, or two, magazines? Thanks for your help!

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    One magazine.
    Bought two JHPs that way.

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    Sorry only 1 mag even for 380 and C9, but you can always buy extra they aren't that expensive I have 3 8rnders & 2 10 rnders for my C9 and 5 for my 4095[ Hmmmm i need more mags and more ammo amd more..... oh what ever]
  5. Speaking of mags....

    You can order directly from Beemiller for around $18 each for the 8rd C9/CF380 mags which includes shipping. If you can find new ones at the show for the same, or less, price go ahead and pick em up, but dont pay any higher price unless you just need a spare right then and there.

    Local shop is selling 10rd C9/CF380 mags for $25ea and 8rd for $22, so it would be worth a couple days wait to save a couple bucks a put it towards ammo or reloading components in my opinion.

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    Many thanks, friends, for all of your replies. It's great to "get the straight scoop" from those who know.

    Happy Holidays to one and all!

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    MKS Supply has had promotional packages in which some came with lasers,extra mag, kershaw knife, hard case, etc.
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    SOG has C9 and 380 mags for $13 each, brand new. I just bought 5 mags along with the C9 pistol, I think 5 mags came to $66.


    I think to order those mags you have to call in, I don't think they are on their website.