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    I just bought a .40, and am having trouble with one of the mags I bought. What do I need to do to rectify this. I read somewhere that they need to be tuned. Any suggestions?
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    Sure, could you describe the problems you're having a bit more in depth? One of the things to do with brand new mags is to leave them sit loaded for a week or two. The springs are a bit stiff and leaving them loaded seems to relax them a tad. You can also use a pencil or piece of dowel to work the follower up and down a few hundred times to do the same thing. If you have a set of calipers I can give you the measurements for the feed lips that my mags are set at.

  3. what I have done in the past is... ( this only works on guns with solid mounted barrel )

    I remove the slide off the gun.

    insert snap caps in the mag.

    insert the mag.

    used my finger to push the snap cap into the barrel like the slide would.

    watch how the snap cap flows to chamber ( moves ) to see where the problem is.

    then I will address the problems I see.. I will repeat this till I like the flow. because some times some "tweaks / mods" may hinder if they're not needed

    the reason I do this is so I have a better visual on what the problem is.

    reassemble the gun.. take it the range to make sure it works.. if not repeat the process again.

    hope this helps... it's not 100% the correct answer it is just what I do when I work on other peoples gun.
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    The rounds don't seem to be seating right in the magazine, and I have to rack the slide a couple of times to get the round to load.
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    Mags still need breaking in. Follow Rachgier's instructions. Also smack the spine of a loaded mag in your hand to seat the rounds before inserting it.
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    Youtube has a lot of tips for the mags.
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    Not all of them good by the way.
    Come and check with us before you do something irreversible.
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    What do you recommend? Rounds are nose diving.
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    I guess you "gotter-done" hey FUBO? :D