Hi-Point Maintenance Turn-Around Times.

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    Hi y'all.

    I'm Joe. I just picked up a used 995 last week and sent it off to Beemiller for inspection and repair if needed. I also got it without a scope rail, second magazine, and operator's manual, which their service rep said would be included when they return the weapon to me. Already have the ATI stock for it (Milsurpstuff.com - incredibly fast shipping), looking forward to putting it all together and putting some rounds downrange with it.

    For anyone who has sent in a Hi-Point for repair, about how long did it take to get your gun back? It didn't seem jacked-up or in need of repair, but I figured since it was used, better safe than sorry.

  2. Just one data point: a C-9 pistol, and it took 2.5 weeks, including shipping in both directions. YMMV on the model and the nature of your problem, but I've never heard of a Hi-Point repair taking as long as a fix on a (Hrumph) 'nother brand that I'm still waiting on.

    Others will chime in and average out...

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    generally you'll have your stuff back within 1.5-2wks depending on where you live in relation to Ohio.

    BTW, HPs dont come with a 2nd mag.. i mean, if you want to add $20 to the cost of the gun they will.. but they dont.

    HP will take care of you though.