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  1. Well, after hearing from my son-in-law that his friends told him that Hi Point firearms were crappy, I'm here to tell you that I am a fan. (By the way, not one of his friends have ever owned or fired a Hi Point)

    Went to the gun show in Tallahassee Florida a few weeks ago and met a Hi Point dealer. We talked for a while (son-in-law was in tow) and I told him I was looking for a .45 to round out my handgun selection at home. Didn't have $500 to spend so I was intrigued by the Hi Point 45 for under $180. Son-in-law was thinking about a 40 cal. I told him, let me buy the 45, we'll go shoot and then you can make up your mind.

    Took it to the range today and ran 250 rounds through it. Had a minor jam on the third round and after that, flawless. Great group at 15 yards and I was totally impressed. I then went on to shoot my 40 cal Glock and in 2 mags I had 4 misfeeds. Guess the name ain't all it's cracked up to be, neither is the price. lol

    Son-in-law then shot the Hi Point 45 and loved it. When the show comes back to town in January, he's a buyer. I think I might also be looking at the 45 cal semi auto tactical rifle (interchangable mags and all).

    Thanks Hi Point - I'm sold. New Fan

    Tallahassee, FL.
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    I've had the same experience with my JHP! I love that gun. I also found a nice FOBUS paddle holster for it. I ordered that thru Natchez and it is easy to carry that big gun with that holster. I highly recomend it. Happy shooting!:wavey:

  3. I solved the problem of the slippery Grip on my JHP. Spent $4.00 on an inner tube. Cut out a pice and fought it onto the grip all the way up to the mag release. No mor slippery grip. Didn't add any noticable thickness and makes for a stable grip when sweating and shooting.
  4. I went to a local bicycle shop and asked them to check their scrap barrel for a used inner tube. They gave me three sizes; the 24 inch mountain bike tube works very well on the forward grip of my 995TS.
  5. Finally tracked down a 4595TS. Had to drive 70 miles to get it, but at least I got it. Couldn't wait to go to the range. Ran home, picked up my shooting box and Hi Point 45 pistol and off to the range I went.

    Took a bit to get the carbine sighted in using the stock sights. But, once I got it, I got it. Was shooting at 50 yards and grouped about 8 shots into a 4-5" circle. Then I started to have fun with it. Just point shooting at a couple of plastic pumpkins on the range - made them dance. I am so glad I finally got the carbine.

    Not one single FTL or FTF. Used around 200 rounds of Tullo Ammo (cheap steel casing 235 grain ball). Then ran a mag of Winchester 235 gr JHP's through it to shake it out.

    Actually reached out to MKS a couple of days ago regarding availability. A VP e-mailed me. Said backorded all the time. Most places don't even get to inventory them they go out so fast.

    Lots of questions from guys on the range - what is that? It's cool looking. .45 Cal? It was fun to have it perform flawlessly. No negative comments from anyone. I would have told them to bug off anyway. It is a great firearm.

    Just ordered a few extras from HiPointfirearms.net. Let the good times rock and roll.
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  6. Very frugal - why didn't I think of that? Dang. Well - it was worth the $4 anyway. Got lots of inner tube left over. lol
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    Heavyweapons, great report. I have a JHP that I am very happy about owning. It has ran PERFECTLY for me so far. I want to also do as you did, and get my mitts on the .45 ACP carbine too.
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    I'm with y'all I'd love the carbine myself.LOL My JHP has done great since I got it also!
  9. So today being a beautiful day, and the son-in-law having a friend with some property to go shooting on, my high point (and other) firearms went for another run. Today, 45 JHP, 4595 Carbine and C-9. Not a single FTE or FTF or FTL. Bunch of dead computer hard drives, metal cans, not to mention the steel silhouette target I got from Wideners, Lots of bangs and dings being heard out there. Also brought a few other weapons out for some plinking. Had a blast (thanks to Crystal for letting us shoot out there). One more round before a complete breakdon on all for thorough cleaning. Still cleaned out barrels and ejector - just can't bring myself to not clean a weapon after firing. Put a compensator on the 4595 - made a big difference in noise and kick. Easier to get back on target. Loving htese Hi Points. Might need another one but not sure which one to get. Already have a .40 cal glock and can't justify another carbine. Maybe theyll come up with something new.
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    Ditto heavyweapons... mad fun shooting the HP's no matter what caliber your choose. And I am a clean freak too. I always clean the weapon after a day at the range...
  11. hw,
    Nice report on both weapons. I have the same two and would never part with them...;)
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