The tale of a mother ready to protect her young children has earned a spot in an upcoming book detailing the American Second Amendment experience and what it means to the millions from sea to shining sea.

"We the People," an upcoming project from author and photographer Ben Philippi, chronicles gun owners from every corner of the country and asks them to pose, with their firearms, for the book. If Philippi sounds familiar, he is the professional shutter man responsible for the book "God Guns and Guts." It was so popular in fact, that it led to the History Channel series "God, Guns and Automobiles."

In his enduring travels for We the People so far, Philippi has chronicled gun owners as diverse as actor Michael Madsen, model Tana Leggo, and Soldier of Fortune founder Lt.Col. Robert K. Brown. Added to this list are normal everyday people who believe in the Second Amendment, and practice it on a regular basis.

One is even a Hi-Point owner.

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(Dominique Carmen Bear, Photo by Ben Philippi, with permission)

Dominique Carmen Bear, a mother who takes her personal responsibility to protect her family seriously, posed for Phillipi in her Missouri home, complete with her C9 pistol.

"After having an intruder try to break into my house one night, I bought my first gun, a 9mm," Carmen Bear told Phillipi for the book. "I immediately felt safer and more confident in my abilities to protect my baby and myself. Sleep has returned. I keep it loaded and within arms reach when I go to bed. Until someone has tried and/or succeeded in breaking into your home, it's hard to describe the utter violation and fear it puts in your heart."

The mother and Hi Point owner isn't spouting rhetoric for a book, she is absolutely serious.
"When it comes to my daughter's well-being, there will be no warning shots," she says.

We the People is scheduled for release from Casemate Publishing in the spring of 2015.

Until then you can follow Phillipi's progress across the country on his Facebook page.

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