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    Does anyone use the paddle holster that came with their weapon, is it good or bad.. Just bought a c9 and need to know if I should get a different holster to cc.
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    ANYONE? Use this thing ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1418951480.091508.jpg

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    Sorry, mine just came Ina box....... No fancy stuff.
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    I have a C-9 and a CF-380. Since they are both the same exact dimensions, I can use either of them in my HiPoint branded Galco holster that the OP is wondering about. I think that it is an excellent holster for OWB carry but I will say that since I don't regularly carry either of my HiPoints, it doesn't see a lot of use. I do use it at the range on occasion.

    Some have said that it is a bit on the flimsy side. I agree that it's not made or heavy duty saddle leather, but I think that it is certainly adequate for the times that one chooses to carry in the OWB mode. It's not going to stand up to day-in,day-out use by LEOs or military types but for the rest of us it will probably be fine. I don't think that there is much adjustability other that where along your waistline you place it. It has a nice forward cant for an easy draw. I like the easy release of the security strap with the thumb break. I also like that with the exception of the grip and a section along the top of the slide near the rear sight, most of the gun is covered (protected). Here's a couple of pics:



    I think that the Hi Point branded Galco holsters are a lot classier than the Hi Point branded ballistic nylon holsters (that are nearly identical to the ones sold by Crosman for their AirSoft line). Those ballistic nylon holsters are less costly. $9 at WalMart vs $21 from HiPoint. The HiPoint version of the Galco holster is only a bit more at $25.
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    NE Utah
    Me too. Everything he said.:)
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    I have one as well. It seems to be decent quality suede type leather. I havent had any issues with it. The gun fits in just fine, and its rather easy to unsnap when you need to draw the weapon...
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    I use it

    I use the HP Galco paddle holster and like it.