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Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. As for what something is worth, it's all completely relative. Everything is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay at the time. Look as baseball cards. The material "worth" is what, like .00001 cents of ink and cardboard. Yet people are willing to pay thousands of dollars in some cases for them. If someone is willing to pay $500 for gun that used to be $125, the gun is now worth $500. That's the free market. If people buy it at $500 then it's worth $500. If no one will buy at $500 but will when the price is lowered to $399, it's worth $399.

Things are only worth what you are willing to give for them. I wouldn't spend $10 on some sparkly rock and yellow metal circle for myself, but if I find out I can use it to help catch myself a pretty wife I'd give a lot for it.
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