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    Yeah, I am sure financialy its probably not a viable thing for HP but considering the quality weapons they put out for such low prices already, could you imagine how much of a basic bullet proof revolver HP could build if they tried. We'll never see it but wouldnt a basic .357 HI POINT revolver be sweet. I would buy one. For that matter I would just plain flat out like to see a .357 hi point of any kind.
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    MKS, the Distributor for HiPoint AND Charter Arms... With these 2 companies, affordable automatics and wheelguns are possible... I'm not sure about Charter Arm's Customer Service, but it has to be "ok" at worst.

  3. Hi Point is in a area where the alloy that is used for the slides on their weapons is used a lot in automotive applications, and they get those companies to do their castings for them, thus cutting down costs.

    That is what I have read anyways.

    I am not sure that the white metal would work well with a revolver type pistol

    Interesting idea though
  4. i will get one. .357 revolver is a great idea. for it can use .38sp, for cheaper ammo(and most popular), and .357mag for the defense power.

    also, if HP revolver come out. all the HP hater can't bitching about jaming(limp wristing) any more. they all have to find something else to cry about.
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    Yeah, thats were I figured it probably wouldnt be cost effective because they would probably have tochange metals...not sure that they would but i think you are probably right that their current materials wouldnt be suited for a revolver...But i still think a .357 Hi Point would be cool. Would even like to see a .357 sig in their current blowback style
  6. I think a revolver made out of that material would be too large to be desirable.
  7. With low price wheelies like Charter Arms, is there even a market for a Hi Point version? For the right price, I'd buy one though. I'd like to see a .22 or .25 acp roller. They'd make a fine plinking round although the .25's are a bit spendy.
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    Check out the Commanche .357 revolvers.
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    I dunno about Charter Arms. All I have are the overpriced shops in Flagstaff, and the only Charter Arms revolver they had was a .38 that they were selling for $299.

    I usually have to travel anywhere from 150 to 300 miles to find a decent priced gun. I would love to see what Hi-Point would do for a revolver but I know it won't happen. Sad to say...
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    well being that you can pay 650 for a ruger G100 new around 1/2 that seems high-side-reasonable for the comanche
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    i dont think that the current metal used in the majority of HP construction would work well in a 357 revolver.. if they did release it, id be wary..

    i would buy one however if it was a steel frame and cylinder. Im kinda curious about revolvers and an appropriately prices Hi-Point would be a good way for me to explore the wheel-gun.

    $149 price point and id buy.
  12. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Comanche indeed does make some of the least expensive revolvers, I am strongly considdering one but am weighing it against the hammerless charter arms revolver...

    This will be my wife's personal weapon.