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  1. Will an M-1 Carbine rifle stock magazine pouch work on the Hi-Point 4595 carbine to hold Hi-Point magazines? I don't like the plastic magazine holders Hi-Point makes. I have shot the 4595 carbine and had the magazines fall off the holder just from the recoil.

    Take a look here at the product:

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    Ya know, you're the second person I've seen make that observation about the factory mag holder. I'm curious as to how you have the mags placed in the holder when they fell out.

    Have you seen the mag pouch listed in their site? It's listed at $15, and judging by the looks of the Velcro closures, it would handle battery pack base plates.

    Magazine Pouch from HP

    EDIT: I know it's a belt/waistband style mag pouch, but with a bit of modding it could work on the stock. And you would know for a fact it can hold the HP mags.
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    I had this happen with my 4095. It was the one on the ejection port side. I have mine with the bottom of the mag facing towards the front of the gun. I figured with the angle if they slid due to recoil the bottom of the mag would catch the mag clip.
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    I had mine set like that as well.....


    But found that putting it in the holder with the base towards the rear, with the rounds facing upward, and the base of the mag slid down tight to the stock, that they stayed rock solid.

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    You could take the HP Classic butt-stock pouch & remove the end cap & snap it over the stock?

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  7. ajole

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    It doesn't fit well...but then, I didn't take it apart, either.

    I just do it like Rach does. Never had any issues.
  8. Rachgier

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    You load your magazines with an amount of rounds that is considered illegal by a law that was ruled unconstitutional and overturned by a federal judge too?
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    I picked up a double mag pouch for M-9 mags at a garage sale.They mount easily and without modification to the crossmembers of the buttstock using the molle snap straps.


    It would be a bit better if the mag pouches were deeper (or the mags were shorter but who wants that). The Velcro on the flap seems to have plenty of overlap to secure the mags. Place on the right side of the stock, they're out of the way but still very accessible.
    I'm not terribly keen on the open mag clips that HiPoint sells. Seems too unprotected. That's just me tho.
  10. I got some magazine pouches that look similar to yours TopGas. It works well for holding Hi-Point 4595 magazines. They are now strapped to the butt of the stock on the carbine.
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    Increased capacity with four mags, but does it shoulder without a mag in your face?
  12. I only mounted one magazine pouch to hold two extra magazines. It doesn't stick up in my face either.