Hi Point stolen from Evansville IN

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  1. This is not my gun, but I came across this on Facebook in a group I'm a member of. Grammar Nazis, any spelling or grammar errors are the responsibility of the original poster. If you come across anything having to do with this, let me know and I'll get with the originator of the Facebook post.

    Kennith Ford
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    If someone has any information about, a hi point 380 two tone in the box with 2 8 round clips an trigger lock!!!!! Please ask questions about it if anyone from Evansville,in tried to sell it I have the receipt and all paper work that she filled out at the store she purchased it from serial number and make model of it it was stolen out of her vehicle two days ago please anyone who comes across a two tone hi point 380 ask questions thanks don't want it to get in the wrong hands well already is!!!!!!! Cf380 ‪#‎p8077700‬ hi point 380 pistol two tone