Ken Wilkinson accidentally dropped his Hi Point pistol (still in the holster) in the mud while working in the field. Now this wouldn't normally have been a problem except for the fact that he was on a piece of heavy equipment-- a John Deere 450B Crawler Loader to be exact, which promptly buried the gun.


In fact, according to Ken, it was actually backed over and run over twice.


Now according to the specs on the 450B from the manufacturer, that bad boy goes 16,700 pounds empty (which means without the weight of the diesel, fluids, driver, bug guts and lunch box) meaning the poor Hi-Point was on the receiving end of more than 8 tons of loader at least three times.

How did it work afterwards?


"Its a lil dirty but shoots just fine....I just had to dig a little mud out of the end of the barrel and action," Ken reported to the Hi Point Facebook page.


By the way, if you still have a question as to just what a 450b Crawler is... check out this video for reference and imagine your poor Hi-Point under that x3. Ouch.