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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by tim, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. tim

    tim Member

    Are the triggers on all the current Hi Points basically the same? Will the one that's on the 40 cal with the wider finger pad, also fit the 380-9mm?
  2. Yes if I remember correctly those triggers are from the ts series carbines.

  3. tim

    tim Member

    I have a Joey trigger ordered & on it's way, going to get a couple more for my 40 & the 45 I'm going to get this weekend, but I wondered if the 40 trigger would fit my 380, which I rarely shoot
  4. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I was thinking about the Joey keychain on my 4595 but after a couple thousand rounds the trigger has a nice clean break I can live with that.
  5. tim

    tim Member

    I don't think it will change anything, you use the same trigger linkage, just the trigger itself is changed. The triggers on the Hi Points look so cheap & plastic toy-like, I think the aluminum Joey trigger gives it a much better look. My new C9 shot flawless over a hundred rounds, it's earned a new trigger.
  6. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    All HP triggers are the same as far as mounting & function. So yes, they are interchangeable. That being said, the larger pad/skelentonized ones take a bit of finagling to fit in place.
  7. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I might get the Mahan site as it is well made, but so far the stock sight is fine.
  8. mellon

    mellon Member

    I recommend the mahan site. I have one on each of my hi points. I pick up a 3rd hi point friday. Ill be putting one on it as well.
  9. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I might try a Mahan sight on one of my guns. Putting one on each of my Hi Points, I would have to take out a loan for that?
  10. My thoughts as well.

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