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  1. Newbie here. I haven't posted much on the forum so far, but that's because I've been reading as much as I can about these carbines on this outstanding site.

    I started at the oldest page on the forum, and have been working my way forward in time, to the present. I'd say I've read at least half the threads that have been posted since the forum re-started (in 2007?), but let me tell you.. They've all been enjoyable, entertaining, educational, and sometimes, downright funny as hell.

    I just want to say that I very much appreciate all of the contributions by the regulars, and even the drive-by posters here. I've learned a great deal about these firearms, and about shooting in general. The information you all have shared about every conceivable aspect of Hi-Point carbines, is just priceless. I now feel that I have a pretty solid grounding in all of the finer points of this platform.

    Thank you,
  2. Liberty

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    Welcome! Going back through the old posts sure is fun, and gives a great education.

    I hope you bring more range reports as you post.

  3. I most definitely will, Liberty.

    The wife and I just bought annual passes to our local range expressly so we can shoot our Hi-Points regularly. We got our carbines a little over a month ago, but have been waiting til the hot weather breaks so we don't have to cook while we're trying to have fun. I already work in the Texas sun all day, so I'm pretty well burnt to a crisp by summer's end.

    Anywho, I'll be sure to write up some range reports and post 'em here as soon as we get out.

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    NE Utah
    Glad you enjoyed it all.
  5. Welcome! You need to add a matching pistol to share mags with now. ;)
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    Windy. Shooting is a lot more fun than reading about it. So, get out there and do some shooting. :)
  7. Well, I'll admit that some of the more technical discussions had me yawning with non-comprehension, but I realize that a guy has to build up his knowledge base step by step. I'll come up to speed on areas like ballistics and internal mechanics in time.

    I think the site search function is going to become my constant companion in the months to come. I'm gonna do all I can to avoid asking dumb newbie questions when I run into things I need answers for :)
  8. I actually got the 4095TS because I have an SW40VE already, and liked the idea of having one ammo for two different guns. I'm now thinking that I might pick up a Hi-Point .40 cal pistol so it can share mags with my carbine - which is even sweeter.
  9. You got that right!

    It'll be another couple weeks before the wife and I can get out to the range, so I try and satisfy my itch by reading here every night :eek:
  10. Just ask the question its more fun that way :p

    Seriously reading half of this forum is like getting threw a poorly written version of Moby dick.
    Never ending, the story always repeating its self and with just a hint of comic relief.

    I have gone back through and read some of the more dramatic posts from the forums beginnings. its like a reality show, without all the chicks in bikinis.
  11. You've got a point there, but I guess I better be willing to be the butt of some long-standing joke if ask something really stupid. :rolleyes:

    Heh....I've noticed that!

    That's ok. When a person reads something over and over again, it tends to stick. That's a good thing for us folks who don't have a lifetime of experience with firearms.

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    Sorry, you folks that see my posts know I like to stir the pot.
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    Ya? Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out for you. I have better results using Google and clicking the links back to here.

    Just don't post below Joey asking how to order a keychain and we'll let you live.
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    Know the feeling. I've started a dictionary/FAQ to keep everything straight as my contribution to the site until I'm literally back on my feet after surgery and become a site supporter.

    Never realized what a frigging pain it would be to not to be able to walk & work. :( Oh, then you get juiced on the pain pills when you can't take the pain anymore. Your head is spinning and the weird dreams of flying Christmas tree lights. Just a couple more weeks of that crap.

    Until then I'm collecting anything I run across to put into one place so that we don't have to look all over the site for it.
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    So....what you're saying is that this forum needs more chicks in bikinis??....... I whole heartedly agree..... you can always make something good even better!
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    Nominee for "Best First Post" ever.
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    Of course holding a Hi Point carbine!!
  18. Site Search Function

    Thanks for your efforts, bud.

    I was just now trying to use the site search function to look up information on Red Dot sights, and no matter how I entered my search terms, it wouldn't return any results.

    I wound up going to the main forums page to find a listing for 'scopes and sights'. From there, I scrolled through the various thread listings to check out info on what I was looking for.

    Sorta tedious, but hey, I'm gettin' what I pay for :rolleyes:

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    I just recently acquired a used red/green scope. With the cheapy flashlight it will light work pretty good. I was told it was a $70 Epay item.